5 reasons why you can’t seem to give up binging

overeatingThe fact that overeating leads to weight gain is a no-brainer. But did you know that there are many hidden reasons that fuel our desire to stuff anything edible in our reach inside our mouths?

Some of the reasons are well known. We all know stress leads some of us to over indulge in food. Sometimes, when we are bored, we end up opening the fridge and well, finishing off the leftover takeaway. Sadness and loneliness also make us eat more hence the concept of ‘comfort food.’ These reasons, though not completely in our control, are at least part of our consciousness. This means that if we try really hard, we can well muster the strength to master them eventually.

However, there are other reasons, seemingly harmless, which actually contribute to our over eating tendencies and prevent us from conquering that nasty habit. Here are 5 of them:


Good ole telly? Yes, good ole telly is actually not so good if you are trying to conquer your over eating habit. Research tells us that eating in front of the TV makes us eat more than what we would have otherwise as we are paying less attention to the food and are thus, less aware of the portions we are consuming.


Here’s the deal – the bigger the plate used, the more you eat. Studies have shown that people who eat from smaller plates tend to eat less. The same applies to those who use teaspoons instead of bigger ones. The reason behind this is that when we eat from a full small plate, our brains are led to believe that we have had enough which stops us from going for more helpings.


Why do most restaurants have dimmers attached to their lights? The romantic ambience reasoning is hogwash. It is because restaurant owners are aware of the fact that we eat more when the lights are dim. It has been proven that people eat less in bright environments so choose, light airy places and give the candle-lit dinners a miss.


Here’s another shocker. The colour of our table cloth or plate can impact our eating too! Studies show that people eating from warm-coloured plates and table clothes eat more than those eating from say a blue plate or on a table with a purple table cloth. Needless to say, the colour of the food helps us categorise them as appetising or not. Ask yourself, would you eat a rich brown cake or a powder blue one?


The place where you store different food items determines what you are likely to eat more. This makes perfect sense – if you keep a bowl of fresh fruits prominently on your fridge shelf, you are more likely to eat from it then say, keeping it in the freezer. So, keep all the processed food tucked away to reduce your waistline.

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