6 things every woman should do before turning 30

  1. 6 things every woman should do before turning 30
    1. 1.   Face your fear: Everybody has some deep, innate fears that they find hard to overcome. So what is yours? It can be anything from fear of heights to public speaking. Believe me, it feels great to conquer ones biggest fear. Wouldn’t you want to confront your biggest fear before you take a big leap in your next phase of life? You sure would. So take chances and overcome your fear! And I bet you, you would have never felt an adrenaline rush like that ever. And that indeed will be something worth cherishing.
    2. 2.   Get your dream job: It’s just a matter of time when you get married. And whether you want to continue with your career or not, before you turn 30 make sure you get that dream job you’ve always desired for. Some of us might work just to pay our bills while some to keep themselves busy. Whatever your choice is make sure you strive hard to attain the position you’ve always cherished. You will remember that time of your life moment forever!
    3. 3.    Get your heart broken at least once: Some women don’t plunge into relationships for the fear of getting heartbroken. Break ups surely are a bad experience, but they help in making you stronger and better than ever. Heartbreaks will help you to rediscover yourself and the next time you get into a relationship, you will know what you should not do. So chill! You always learn from your mistakes. So take chances and don’t be gloomy if you passed through a bad phase in your relationship.
    4. 4.    Get a tattoo: This is more for women who are daring and adventurous. Getting yourself inked permanently can be excruciating. If you get a tattoo which depicts your personality, there is nothing like it. And this is the best time for you to get it done. So if you have always fancied getting a nice tattoo, but petrified to inflict pain on yourself, then close your eyes and follow your heart.
    5. 5.    Forgive and forget: We always have run into people in our lives that have hurt or cheated on us at some point in our life. Do you still hold grudge against them? The more negativity you carry, the more agitated you will be. It’s time to let go. You are about to turn 30 and obviously you are way past immaturity. So learn to forgive and forget!
    6. 6.    Let go off your past: No matter how hard or painful your past has been, try to forget. Let go off the bitter memories. Learn to accept what is over and try to see the positive outcome you got out of it. You have to try to make peace with your past. Let not the bitter memories ruin your present. 

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