A Few Interesting Ways to start off this New Year

A Few Interesting Ways to start off this New YearAt the start of this brand New Year, I have got something really interesting to share with all. The usual things that come to our minds are things like- fixing goals, making a diet plan, planning out the budget, concentrating on things like how to be focused and motivated, thinking positive and a lot more. Well, yes it is good to make such plans, however there is something really interesting to add to it to. I believe the last few days you would have anyways partied hard and had fun to the core. And, now it’s time to give some time just for yourself too. Staring off the New Year on a healthy note is one of the best ways that you can reward yourself. Just like the saying, “health is wealth”, if have the support of body then everything is achievable. With the stressful lifestyle that we live, we tend to miss out on fulfilling the basic necessities of life like intake of a balanced diet, taking enough rest, minimal exercise, meditation, doing good stuff, being motivated and a lot more. Just not healthy but a stress free one too.

Here are a few interesting things that can help you give a fresh start to this New Year:

  • Ø  Give a fresh start to every single day that you live. Do not be laid back with things that took place the day before or a week before or may be a year before. Every day in the morning when you get up, ask yourself “what will you do today, to add value your life”, or gives your life a meaning.
  • Ø  Start this month by doing something for others. It is good to indulge in a bit of charity work at times. Team up with your best friends and visit an orphan home, where in you can meet up with kids and dedicate some time for them. Talk to them, play with them and see what kind of life they live every day. That will certainly make you feel how lucky you are?
  • Ø  Take an action on your goals and dreams: Create an action plan of the things that you are aiming for. Design your ideal life. Assess your life at the moment and ask yourself if you giving the best in your life. What is it that can do to make you the best person, you can ever be. There are no limits in life- you just have to set the goals. Set the mission of your life, something that will drive life to the fullest.
  • Ø  Are you putting any area of your life on hold? What is that one area of your life that you are putting off or avoiding? Start working on it. (If you like someone, reveal it to the person).
  • Ø  Instead of waiting for opportunities to come into your life, make a move and go out and create your own opportunity. Life has to be experienced and not coasted through. (If you wish to learn any activity or sport and shy to do so, well you don’t have to be at all, it’s your life so live it the way you want it).
  • Ø  Set role models. Being inspired by role models and following them, you can make your life much better. Seeing personalities like Tyra Banks, Ivanka Trump, Lady Gaga, Oprah tells me of what I too can do and drives me to greater heights.
  • Ø  Generate passive income: All of us certainly work for a living and at times are tied up with activities that we just do for the sake of doing it. Therefore, if you have a passion for something like singing, writing, dancing or anything else, then why not get involved with it. You can become a blogger, teach singing or dancing Enjoy your passion as that will help you to live life better.
  • Ø  Relish the little moments in life. Like enjoying snuggling under warm covers on a cold day. An ice-cream on a hot day, a walk in the park, watch the sun rise/set, talk to a friend and spend time with kids. Soak in the beauty of nature. Feel these little moments of life. They make up your life.
  • Ø  Let loose and have fun. Sing out loud at the top of your lungs. Run barefoot to feel the ground underneath. Dance in the rain J. Free yourself from the self imposed shackles.

As told above that health is important therefore, yes fixing up a healthy schedule is important. Being healthy is not just about healthy eating and exercise – it also includes a positive mental health. Giving good food to your belly and giving negativity to your brain will not help you stay happy. To be happy, you need to concentrate a bit on your mental health too. Of course, yoga, meditation, exercising and lots of sports activities are there to help you in this aspect, but you need to try that which appeals you the most. And, also consult nutritionist to follow a healthy diet regime and of course do not miss out on your daily 8 hour sleep.

Live life king size!

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