A Girls Best Friend: Her Handbag

A Girls Best Friend Her HandbagA handbag means a lot to a woman! In fact, they share a very strong relationship amongst them. All thanks to the fashion industry for introducing the various styles and designs of bags that are simply loved by women.

Throughout history, ladies handbags have been a primary necessary carrying all their necessities. However, the concept of handbags started up for keeping one’s basic necessities and different articles, but today it is a part of style statement too. Although, we still continue to stuff our hand bags with the basic necessities like our makeup kit, smart phones, credit cards and other essentials. But, the bag not only carries a woman’s stuff but are also carries a woman’s habits. It also reflects the style, taste and status of women. The relationship between a woman and a bag can also be termed as marriage. Just like in marriage two persons need to match their choices and understanding. Similarly, a lady and her bag also share some kind of understand between them. Both have to take a thorough understanding of each other so that they complement each other’s looks. With so many different kinds of bags in vogue, it is important to choose a bag that suits the occasion and compliments the outfit one is wearing.

The modern day bags have been classified into different categories to fix in to the various roles that a woman plays like work, babysitting, leisure, parties and business. Unlike the previous era, where in woman were confined just to their homes.

A few names about the modern day bags:

Hobo Bag: This is perhaps the most common type of bag carried by women. These kinds of bags are crescent shaped with a slouchy posture and with a long handle that you can carry over the shoulder. The bag material is soft and flexible and is available in different colours and sizes. Hobo bags can be teamed with casual pants and long skirts. They also look good with kurtas.

Totes: Totes are also referred as a Shopper bag, especially for being medium sized that can fit in anything big for a normal handbag. The bags are made of cloth or any other soft material with an open up top. Carrying such a bag for shopping is not just a style statement but you also show that you are being environment friendly by reducing the use of plastic.

Laptop Tote: This is a tote bag made of leather. Such bags have a separate case exclusively to keep a laptop and other individual sections to keep your other essentials.

Satchel: These bags are slightly structured with double handles. They are wide shaped and flat at the bottom. Such bags were carried by the doctors in the olden days which in the modern scenario has transformed into designer handbags. Satchels are used by the modern day women to carry their documents to work place. Else, the bags can also be used if you are planning to carry something elegant but spacious too.

Clutch: Clutch is a hand held purse and goes well only with formal wear (both Indian and Western).

Wristlets: This is similar to a clutch but has a strap that you can hold on while you are dancing. They fo not impart an elegant look like that of a clutch and are most suitable for casual outings.

Messenger Bags: These are bags with a long strap worn across the body, made up of durable water resistant materials. Such bags have a lot of space and are usually preferred by college girls and teenagers.

Next time, when you are out shopping for a bag of your choice, you know well what to choose!

One thought on “A Girls Best Friend: Her Handbag

  1. i love the over the body bag with a long starp, i have problems with my hands and find these types of bag ideal, also i prefer a black bag as it can match up with almost anything i have a varied collection of bags and i am ashamed to say my collection is over 30 bags now lol xxx

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