A mad, mad world indeed!

MadWorldThe bizarre weather has left me completely fuddled in the head. Or is it just me who is reading things wrong and feeling all funny? Today, I woke up shivering so I jumped from bed and ran around my room in socks checking if I had left a window open or if the heating wasn’t working. Negative answers both times so I concluded it must be a cold day. Later, when I went outside, it was a surprisingly warm. While checking the news on my phone, I stumbled upon some bizarre news too. Is this a sign? I am not sure. This could well mean an alien attack or could confirm my brother’s fears that I am a ‘funny one.’

Or it could just mean that today is a day for funny/weird/bizarre/strange things. Here are some weird new items I have been able to source:

  • A 6 year old kid had been suffering from sinus problems for three years which led to a difficulty in breathing. Isaak Lasson was taken to a number of doctors who prescribed anti-bitoics but nothing helped poor Isaak breathe peacefully. That was until he was taken to a new doctor who noticed there was a foreign body stuck in his nose. And what was that foreign body that prevented Isaak from breathing normally for 3 years? A Lego wheel! The 6 year old also admitted to putting spaghetti inside his nose but doctors couldn’t find his lost spaghetti. Only the Lego piece and some fungus. After the removal, Isaak is breathing peacefully again!
  • I recently waxed eloquent about Michael Phelps and the little crush I have on him. Ever since his last swim, I have been researching on him every day, looking at his pictures etc. But the news I found out today is mildly disturbing. Apparently, the most decorated Olympian ever agreed to peeing in the pool. “I think everybody pees in the pool. It’s kind of a normal thing to do for swimmers. When we’re in the water for two hours, we don’t really get out to pee,” Phelps said. But worry not, he has some assuring news for us too. “Chlorine kills it so it’s not bad,” he added. Right!
  • A dumpling eating contest organised in Ukraine took a horrible turn. The contest which was organised to find out the person who could eat dumplings fastest transformed into a tragedy when the 77 year old winner of the contest ate 10 of those dumplings and then keeled over and died!
  • Next time you are involved in a long mobile conversation in public, you might want to be careful. A woman who was engaged in a 16 hour long telephone conversation while aboard an Amtrak train going from Oakland, California to Salem, Oregon was arrested for carrying on a loud conversation in public for so long!

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