A mini, little wonder called the miniskirt!

miniskirtA recent study conducted by retail giants Debenhams reveals British women love their miniskirts. Oh yes, that’s absolutely right and we have always known that. Our love affair with the minis starts early, during the onset of our teens. But as we grow older, our skirts grow shorter. Does this mean that when it comes to hemlines, we are subconsciously following a pattern? Does our age define the length of our skirts? If Debenhams is to be believed, there actually is quite a strong co-relation!

According to the study, British women now are more aware, conscious and confident of their bodies. With proper care, women these days are seen wearing miniskirts till they hit their mid-forties and the length of their skirts vary as they go through the different phases of their lives. Interestingly, the study also said that women aged 23 often wear the most itsy-bitsy of all minis!

Fourteen – that’s the age when a girl is smitten by the mini for the first time; the age when she begins her journey through Miniville. Although the craving is strong at 14, most girls are happy with just rolling up the bands of their school skirts to get the desired length instead of actually getting one. This changes once they reach sweet 16. Girls aged 16 to 19 indulge in miniskirts averaging 14inches, as opposed to the 18inch skirts they wore between ages 14 and 16. The hemline hike trend continues till it reaches the ohmygod-please-don’t-bend mark of 12.5inches, usually preferred by 20 to 23 year olds.

Girls between 20 and 23, who are at their flirtiest phase yet, sport the miniest of the minis. This goes on till they get into their first serious relationships and mellow down a little. The fact that our boyfriends affect us much is evident here too as skirts of girls in serious relationships tend to get 5cms longer. Once women are in their late 20s and till they have hunted down the right husbands, they usually fall back to their old ways and hike up their hemlines once again. Lengths usually stay steady in the 30s and the 40s of a woman’s life, some of them occasionally preferring a bare more flesh once they are in their 40s.

Women aged 50 and above prefer skirts that fall below the knees, and those above 60 opt for skirts that are at least 80cms long.

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