A New Look of Wedding Gowns

A New Look of Wedding Gowns Not every day is a wedding day! And, when you actually have to experience this special day, why not make it one of the best days of your life in all possible ways. For a lady, certainly it is the wedding gown that comes to the mind first. You wish to wear the dress that probably none has ever worn. Even though you do not walk down the ramp or do not pose for a fashion magazine, but you still wish to top the list and look the best. And, for ladies planning to tie the knot in the year 2013, here are some trendy tips to try in your wedding gown.

Colourful Gowns

It’s time you say goodbye to the white gowns and try something new. This is one of the upcoming new trends of the wedding season where in wedding gowns are not restricted to the colour white, but are in different hues and shades. Majority of the gowns are inspired by pastel trend that came up in the spring season. Some brides have even opted for the candy pink, gold through deep purples and peach colour. These ladies had the option of adding a touch of colour to their sash, flowers and shoes too.

Detail on the Back

It’s a season of low back dresses where the necklines seem to have taken a low line. Baring your back by covering it with lace or a lace frame, else keeping it completely cutout is a new trend in wedding gowns. And, if you are opting for a backless dress then you have to undergo a bit of work like exfoliating the muscles of your back and toning it so that they give a lovely feminine look.

Long Sleeves

This trend we all know was started by the Royal Wedding: She was wearing a long sleeve dress and this trend has got carried forward and many brides have adopted this trend. Long sleeves can also manage to balance the extra bareness for backless gowns. Long sleeves are seen in lacey fabrics and can go as down as the wrist or even till the elbows.

Twenties Girls

These dresses are for women who wish to look that were put forth by the ladies in the bygone eras. The gowns were made with sultry fabrics and had dropped waistlines so as to enhance the female form. If you decide to wear such an outfit, then you have to commit to it too. If you are ready to dip in for things like pearls, glitter, glamour and stilettos, then you can go on to try it. This trend of wedding dress is for women that aim for more sultriness.


Destination weddings are the most common weddings and most women look out for the option of indulging in a wedding that’s a bit different. And, in such weddings, there is a need for outwear. Capes and wraps that are actually are another trend of wedding dresses for 2013. To keep warm for winter weddings, knitted capes and fur will be good, as they can keep you warm and also make you look elegant.

Now, if you have a wedding plan in your mind and wish to dazzle your wedding day with something different, here are some fantastic options mentioned above.

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