Additional chat feature at Bingo3X

The best thing about bingo is the social aspects it has. Most of you must be aware of the chat facility at Bingo3X which can be used in conjunction with bingo and mini slot games. Our CMs make sure everything runs smoothly at our bingo rooms and the community is fun and robust. Just in case you don’t want to chat with your fellow players, we’ve introduced ‘mute’ toggle for you which will allow you to turn off chat for players who you wish to ignore.
This new feature works as follows:
1. Player goes in the Bingo room and open the list of players in the room. By clicking on an alias in the list, the selected player will be Muted (mute has a special icon). Clicking again on the same alias will un-mute the player
As long as a player is muted, you will not see his messages in the chat
2. Chat moderator cannot be muted
3. The Mute function will work as long as you are in the room. When I leave the room and go back in, I will need to mute again players that I don’t want to see their messages in the chat
If you muted a player, and the muted player leaves the room and go back, my mute settings should still apply, as long as you are in the room
Happy playing!
Much love,

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