Advantages of Potatoes: Women should know this!

Advantages of Potatoes Women should know this!When it comes to eating potatoes, most of us have this myth that the food has a high source of fat content. However, this is not true! Nutritionists have reported that potatoes are an excellent source of fiber, vitamins and minerals that protect our body against cancer and also promote the heart health. And, for women – potatoes have got some really excellent advantages at offer. The below mentioned are a few fantastic things that one must know about potatoes

  • Potatoes are natural beautifiers: Potatoes are known to offer excellent skin care effects. Applying fresh potato juice on face is a natural way of lightening your skin. Doing this also helps in curing pimples and spots on the skin. Applying cooked potato slices to the eyes can help to reduce the swelling of the lower eyelids. Potato slices can also be applied on face to reduce wrinkles.
  • Potato helps in keeping the temperament cool: Potatoes are rich source of Vitamin C. In the society that we live in, we are prone to negative emotions such as anxiety, frustration, depression and distress. Intake of potatoes can solve these problems. The minerals and nutrients in potatoes help to improve the mental states of human beings.
  • Helps in weight loss: Yes, do believe it – consumption of potatoes help in weight loss. Women need not worry about gaining excess fat, because fat takes up only 0.1% of the total content that is lowest amongst all other foods that allay hunger. Consumption of potatoes on an everyday basis will reduce the fat intake and have the excess fat metabolized. People on diet should consume potatoes as a staple food rather than other dishes. A medium sized potato everyday is fine.
  • Nutritious and Anti-aging: Potatoes are a rich source of vitamin B1, B2, B6, pantothenic acid, other B group vitamins and plentiful high quality cellulose. Other nutritional elements are amino acids, fat, protein and a high quality starch. People who consume potatoes on an everyday basis remain healthy and age slowly.
  • Helps to strengthen the physique: Potatoes offer healing and antispasmodic effects. They help in preventing and treating arthritis, ecchymosis, coronary heart disease and even eye ache. High content of protein and vitamin B complex enhances physical fitness, improves memory and even clear thinking.

Well then going ahead, ensure to have one potato every day. One potato a day and there is a beautiful life on your way!

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