Angelina Jolie’s Mission of Hope in Afghanistan

Angelina Jolie’s Lights the Mission of Hope in AfghanistanAngelina Jolie, the Queen of all hearts recently displayed her usual acts of genrousity by opening a school in Afghanistan. The UNHCR goodwill ambassador – Angelina Jolie recently confirmed this news to E. She chose to fund the girl’s primary school in an area outside Kabul. This region traditionally favours boys over girls, and that is the reason she chose to help out a cause that would support the girl child. This all – girls school is attended by 200 to 300 primary students and she is in an area with high refugee population.

Also, she chose the village as this place has a high refugee population. Most of the time, this region has been indulged in regional fighting with a lot many locals fleeing, homes getting destroyed. However, after the collapse of the Taliban regime, a lot many families have started moving back. With an inspiration to make the place a better land, Angelina Jolie has plans for more such schools in this land of blood and money.

She is also releasing her personally designed jewellery collection – the Style of Jolie in the retail stores for the first time. And, she will be using the profits of the same to build more schools around the world. Jolie told E News “Beyond enjoying the artistic satisfaction of designing these jewels, we are inspired by knowing our work is also serving the mutual goal of providing for children in need.” Well, all the ladies out there you must be waiting to get your hands on the Jolie designer range. The new collection will go on sale this week. And, 100% of the profits will be donated towards Jolie’s new foundation – The Education Partnership for Children of Conflict.

Angelina Jolie has spent years collaborating for this collection along with her designer Robert Procop. Their intention was to create something beautiful, something like that could match the beauty of the spirit behind Angelina’s mission to empower the girl child in crisis. The designs are timeless and reflect her chic sense of style and feminine strength. There are a lot many things in the collection that are extremely beautiful that you need to explore. We wish Angelina Jolie, good luck for this noble mission. And, yes eagerly waiting to nab a look of the timeless jewellery.

One thought on “Angelina Jolie’s Mission of Hope in Afghanistan

  1. What a fantastic lady, unlike other A list Hollywood Actresses she gives back, cant wait to see her jewelery, she is a true Star xxx

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