Are permanent tattoos finally fading out of vogue?

Meganfox tattooAt one point of time, it was barbed wires. Then, there came the era of the dragon. Some preferred quotes while others went for initials, often in calligraphic font. Ladies usually had a soft spot for fairies and butterflies. Many men have been seen flaunting birds of prey like eagle or falcon while the tiger has been enormously famous too. Other popular ones include the cross, stars, Chinese letters, fallen angels, tribal motifs, flowers etc.

By now, you must have guessed it is the trend of getting various symbols, letter and other things inked on one’s body that we are talking about. The word tattoo traces its origins to the Tahitian word ‘tatu’ meaning ‘to mark something.’ In existence for the past 12,000 years, the art of making a tattoo involves making repeated deep punctures on the skin’s second layers called the dermis using needle and ink.

It is believed that the first tattoos were made by the Egyptians who used animal symbols to adorn their bodies. Over the years, the art evolved and travelled across continents. Today, it is more common to see men and women with tattoos then to see one without.

Almost every celebrity worth his or her salt has at least one tattoo. While Johnny Depp had famously inked his then wife Winona Ryder’s name on his arm with a ‘Winona Forever’ tattoo, Rihanna has a cluster of stars around her nape, which is one among her 13 tattoos. Megan Fox has eight known tattoos including a crescent. Angelina Jolie is not known for moderation. Be it adopted kids or tattoos, she likes to have many. British songstress Amy Winehouse had more tattoos than visible skin.

However, recent trend spotting reveals times are changing and like all other fads, tattoos too might be fading out finally. People nowadays are willing to spend fortunes and go through some intense physical torture to remove permanent tattoos. It is important to be sure of the design while getting it made as tattoos are often more lasting than the passion that drove one to get it in the first place. There have always been people who have regretted getting a certain something inked on their bodies. But, a huge number of people today are itching to get them out forever.

So is it really the end of tattoos? Or is removing tattoos with laser itself a fad? Time will tell. Wait a while before you go about erasing your tattoos. After all, they mark a time in your life and what you were made up of then.

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