Are you a drama queen? Take the quiz & find for yourself!

Females are often accused of being drama queens and let’s face it, it suits them. After all, they are worth all the attention. But at times some people go a tad too far to gain attention, which might leave the people around in a bad taste.

If you are under any confusion as to why people keep accusing you of being a drama queen, here’s a simple quiz to help you figure out if they are just exaggerating or you could actually fall in that category.

Take the following quiz:

 1. You’re at a party and there’s another woman wearing the same dress as you.

 a) You make sure everybody knows that it is she who copied you and the outfit doesn’t even suit her, before going back home to change.

b) This doesn’t upset you. Instead, you borrow a stole/shrug and tie your hair up to look different.

c) Quietly sneak out of the venue due to sheer embarrassment.

2. You did pretty well in your office appraisal assessment. But your boss did have some criticism.

a) You feel devastated because of the criticism and burst into tears in front of the boss and get defensive.

b) You do feel a bit hurt, but decide to improve the skills you lack

c) Smile at your boss and swear that he/she is conspiring against you.

3. You’re at a restaurant and ask for a burger without tomato slices. But the waiter brings a burger containing it.

a) You’re fuming at the waiter’s idiocy. So, you call the manager and create a ruckus.

b) You return the dish and ask the waiter to get what you asked for.

c) You mutter about the poor service to yourself, take out the tomato slices and eat the burger.

4. At a social do, you overhear some women gossip about your friend.

a) You immediately call up your friend and tell her about it. Then interrupt the discussion and give them a piece of your mind.

b) You give them a stern disapproving look and alert your friend about those people.

c) You ignore them as you don’t want to confront them.

5. Your boyfriend just dumped you.

a) You ask all your friends to come over to your place urgently. You cry your heart out, tell them what a scumbag he is and want them to help you seek revenge.

b) You wait for the weekend to inform your friends about it.

c) You are too embarrassed to tell your friends about it. You will tell them only if they suspect/hear about from others.

6. Everybody seems to be in awe of a new entrant to your circle of friends.

a) You try all the tricks in the book to outdo the new friend and let her know that you are the best.

b) Politely tell your friends that you miss their involvement in your life.

c) You also make attempts to gel with the new friend.


Mostly A’s: You epitomise being a drama queen. You crave drama and will go to any lengths to achieve it. This tendency of yours to go bonkers at the drop of a hat isn’t going to do you any good. Your friends probably dread you for your histrionics.

Mostly B’s: You’re neither a drama queen nor an ice queen. You know how to make your point by being assertive and yet not create a ruckus in front of people. Your approach to life is very reasonable.

Mostly C’s: You seem to be unaffected by what’s happening around you. You tend to bottle up your emotions and possibly can look like a doormat at times. You need to be assertive, without being too extreme.

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