Are you accessorized in the Right Way?

Are you accessorized in the Right WayBeing fashionable is not just wearing clothes with a designer label or following the latest styles and designs! Without having these clothes also, one can very well afford to be fashionable. Fashion is all about putting forth the best and for that not necessarily, one has to go shopping in the high streets. Sometimes wearing a simple outfit can make you look very gorgeous, if you have accessorized the outfit appropriately. Just like a touch of makeup adds so much glamour to face, similar is the case with fashion accessories, they can add a lot of glam to your outfit. At times, it can happen that you are wearing a great outfit, however you might not look up to the mark for not having accessorized your outfit properly. Therefore, accessorizing your outfit is important to get that complete look.

Women have numerous option of accessorizing their outfits- belts, bracelets, hair bands, scarves, knit wear and a lot more. Now, the question here is which one to pick and how to style it. One of the hottest trends is the Italian accessories. Wearing accessories holding the tag “Made in Italy” can never give you the wrong look. A stole or a scarf matches with any kind of outfit, be it an evening date or a normal day at office. Women’s knitwear is also an excellent idea of accessorizing and go exceptionally well with any kind of clothes. You can try knitwear scarves and winter caps with your outfits.

A Rick Owens scarf will be an ideal choice to try for a cold day to office. Why only winter, scarves and stoles are ideal for summer too. For Summers, bright and floral stuff can enhance the look of simple and light coloured outfits. Scarfs by Angelos-Frentos can make your Summer dress very stylish with a touch of brightness. Belted dresses are another option of giving your dress a bit of the sophisticated look and a perfect one for office wear. Funky necklaces and bracelets are a good option to accessorize your casual outfits. These days good collection chunk jewellery is available in the market and they actually add wonders to your outfit. Another favourite piece of accessory for women is handbags. Probably no women on earth can leave their houses without carrying a handbag stuffed in with all their necessities. However, while picking up the handbag, one has to keep in mind that the bag should be in sync with your outfit and also a good one to carry your essential stuff.

Leather is an important outfit for men, and the men can team it with accessories like leather belts, ties, scarves, knit wear, cuff links and ties. On the other hand, to keep a bit of the gentleman look, one has to dress accordingly. However on the whole for being noticed, sharp dressing with the right accessories is important. Even the look of a simple outfit can be accentuated by wearing the right accessories. A Jan & Carlos men’s stole is one example to grab attention during Winters.

Be it the women’s accessories or men’s, the rule of dressing is not overdoing things. Your stuff should be in co-ordination and toned well. The basic rule is not to be overdressed and pick out things that can enhance your personality. Go on try some fun filled stuff! If you have never tried with accessories before, then there are countless options for you to choose from. It’s fun to experiment with oneself, especially in regards to dressing up with new stuff.

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