Are you ashamed of your singlehood?

Are you ashamed of your singlehood?


I spoke to a friend recently who has been single for quite some time now. I clearly remember her telling me “I’d rather be dead than to admit to people that I’m single.” Well, this friend of mine spends most of her time on dating sites. And being in her 30s while most of her friends are either married or dating, she finds hard to come to terms with her singlehood.


Also she is ashamed to admit the fact that she wants to get married as soon as possible and thought people would think of her being regressive. And to be honest, I could understand the situation, for few years’ back I was going through the same phase. I also understand that people who would make fun of her would never stay by her side, take care of her when she is sick or perhaps not even give a shoulder to cry on when she is down on dumps. And you’ve got to agree, no matter how many friendship quotes we read on Facebook and magazines, finding a good friend in today’s world can be daunting. And the social stigma she feels attached to being single is inexplicable.


But why worry how people around are judging you? Why do people’s perceptions make us feel happy, embarrassed or regressive? And also we share our life stories to these same people. Be it a wardrobe malfunction or those break up stories. When there is no trace of embarrassment then, then why care now? It is lame when we let others decide for us and judge us.


It is not always a man in your life who can complete you. Being complete in yourself is a great achievement. Taking charge of your life and admitting the fact that you still haven’t found the perfect person for yourself is a thumbs up for me. It’s about finding happiness, no matter where it comes from. That is what is more important, than people’s approval or judgment.


And when the right time comes, you will find the right man. Hurrying into a relationship might leave you heartbroken. So never be ashamed to admit who you are!


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