Are you drinking a little too much?

drinkingWeekend’s here, yay! Okay, it might just be Thursday today but there’s no stopping me from looking forward to it. With such great things planned out for the last two days of the week, it’s no wonder we all look ahead with bated breaths. A friend of mine has gone to the extent of choosing a weekend name for herself and insists we all call her that on Saturdays and Sundays. Her justification is that on weekends, we are never our boring weekday selves.

Willingly or unwillingly, our weekday avatars are serious and put work above other things. Weekends, however, are a different story. After all, what’s a Friday or Saturday night without a few drinks to down, right? Whether we decide to stay home and invite a few close ones over or decide to paint the town a bright crimson hue of fun, chances of alcohol being involved are quite high. Most of us justify this sort of binging with a “After all, I hardly touch a drop during the week” statement. I hate to tell you this but you might be doing yourself some harm there.

Studies show, those who only drink during weekends actually drink much more than regular drinkers! A few signs that you are overdoing the drinking bit include –

  • If the first thing you ask when invited for a dinner is – will there be wine?
  • When you go for ‘just one drink’ and come out having had a few more
  • When you have, on an average, more than two nights a month that your memory has conveniently erased

So, weekend heroes, it might be fun to down a few too many drinks and let inhibitions fly out of the nearest exist, but it pays off to pay a little less to the bartender. In fact, it is healthier to drink a little everyday than to binge on one day. The harm that alcohol does to the body has more to do with how much is being drunk in a short while.

Stop making excuses for the binging as it not only hurts your heart, it is also responsible for fatal accidents, injuries and sexual assaults. Keep a check for your own good as well as the good of others. Drinking a glass of water after every drink helps in two ways – 1) it gives you a sense of being full which stops you from reaching out for the next drink and 2) it keeps dehydration and hangovers at bay.

Happy weekend, already!

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