Are you in the throes of depression?

“I am so depressed.”

“I am going into major depression.”

“All the stress and now this! I can’t handle it, I am completely depressed.”

How many times have we heard people make such statements? Many of us (count me in!) ourselves are guilty of saying such things regularly. The term ‘depression’ is used loosely. Whether it is work pressure or tension in the home front, be it something major like a disagreement with a co worker or a break up or something silly like a broken nail, ours seems to be a generation of depressed souls. But is it really clinical depression or is it just a bout of the blues?

While experiencing the blues or being down in the dumps every now and then is not a major cause of worry, considering the fast-paced and high-stress lives we lead, being as depressed as we think we are would sure be a cause of concern. What we consider depression, is it really so?

Here are a few tell tale signs of clinical depression. You should consider consultation if you display one or more. If not, relax, you are just a little hassled.

Swing in Feelings

If you are stressed, you will be upset about the reason behind your stress. However, if you have a hopeless attitude towards life in general, find it difficult to socialise or carry on with day to day life, find yourself wondering what’s the point of it all then it could be that your blues are deeper than you imagine.

Sleep pattern change

When depressed, you may find yourself sleeping too much or not sleeping at all. Loss of sleep is usually accompanied by fatigue, rendering you unable to deal with the day to day demands of life. Depression is known to bring about lethargy which is why depressed people cannot muster the energy to do things they once loved. Change in sleeping pattern is a major giveaway.

Constant state of irritability

When you are depressed, almost all of your energy is spent trying to come to terms with the problem. When just carrying out everyday activities can seem so taxing, what is likely to happen if even a small thing does not go as you want it to? You snap! Most depressed people are known to get irritated, agitated and anxious about things that would not ruffle the feathers of someone in a healthy state of mind.

Scale Fluctuations

Different people take to depression differently. Much like sleeping pattern, eating habits are similarly affected. While some try to eat their way out of depression, some lose all interest in food and think starving themselves could be a possible cure. Hence you see depressed people suddenly putting on or losing oodles of weight.

Uncontrollable emotions

You know that friend who is flying off in rage one moment and crying up a river the next moment? Don’t take his/her condition lightly. Inability to control emotional outburst is another major sign of a depressed state.

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