Are you ruled by the mind, body or soul?

mindbodysoulBiologically speaking, we are all made of the same matter. We all have 206 bones, skin, a heart pumping blood, a brain giving signals etc. Although constitutionally alike, no two people are the same. Take yourself and your best friend, for example. Even if you are soul sisters, she likes ballets while you dig Oxfords. She likes pastels while you only wear navy, black and brown.

Personally, I think we can we are all dominated by any of these three things – the mind, the body or the soul. Although our personalities are a combination of the three, one usually dominates the other two.

So, are you a mind, body or soul girl? Take the simple quiz to find out:

1)      Out of these, what would be your preferred form of exercise?


High Intensity Circuit Training

Overall Body Conditioning

2)      When stressed, which of these would you opt for?


Running or any other physical activity

Relaxing with a cup of tea/coffee and a book

3)      What is your motive behind exercising?

The sense of well being post a sweaty session

The results in the body

Clears the mind

4)      What does music do to you during a workout?

Distracts me. I never listen to music during a workout

Pumps me up and motivates me to work harder

Listen to it occasionally when I need motivation

5)      Which among these is a part of your daily well-being routine?

Maintaining a gratitude journal

Taking vitamin supplements

Using good sunscreen



Mostly As – Soul

Mostly Bs – Body

Mostly Cs – Mind


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