Play £1,000 Cupid’s Challenge at Bingo3X

Play £1,000 Cupid’s Challenge at Bingo3X

Aaaah! The week of love is ‘bout to begin. And I’ll make no bones about it that I’ve put the dabbers down and picked up the bows from my quiver. You know I’m a ladies man and this week I’m feelin’ all loved up!

Let me break the ice real quick for you ladies. We have a share of £1,000 in real and bonus cash on our site and just can’t wait to be taken possession of by our lucky players. So if you fancy some EXTRA dosh this V-Day, here’s what you need to do.

Take part in our Cupid’s Challenge this week from 8th to 14th February and play slot and bingo games. That’s it! There are two ways to win a share of the prize money:

Play Cupid’s Arrow slots game during the promotional period. The top 10 players to collect most points win a share of £50 each

Play in the Bingo Buddies room. Top 10 players to bingo on Cupid’s Arrow will win £50 bonus each

Also don’t forget to keep an eye on the Leader Board. We will be giving 1 Leader Board point to each player for every bingo on the Cupid’s Arrow pattern in the above mentioned room.

It’s a massive £1,000 for the taking. Remember that. Swoon!

So get entering this promo fast lest you will miss out!

Much Love,

Additional chat feature at Bingo3X

The best thing about bingo is the social aspects it has. Most of you must be aware of the chat facility at Bingo3X which can be used in conjunction with bingo and mini slot games. Our CMs make sure everything runs smoothly at our bingo rooms and the community is fun and robust. Just in case you don’t want to chat with your fellow players, we’ve introduced ‘mute’ toggle for you which will allow you to turn off chat for players who you wish to ignore.
This new feature works as follows:
1. Player goes in the Bingo room and open the list of players in the room. By clicking on an alias in the list, the selected player will be Muted (mute has a special icon). Clicking again on the same alias will un-mute the player
As long as a player is muted, you will not see his messages in the chat
2. Chat moderator cannot be muted
3. The Mute function will work as long as you are in the room. When I leave the room and go back in, I will need to mute again players that I don’t want to see their messages in the chat
If you muted a player, and the muted player leaves the room and go back, my mute settings should still apply, as long as you are in the room
Happy playing!
Much love,

It’s a sweet little world here at Bingo3X


It’s a sweet little world here at Bingo3X
Remember the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? After watching that movie, how many of you dreamed of visiting Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory? I did. Not many know about it, but sweets are my kryptonite. The very thought of it make me salivate.

Did you know there is also a kingdom of confectionery at our site as well? If you like sugar coated slots, then this one should be right up your street. Hop aboard and try out our Sugar Train Slot at the site. Unlike Willy Wonka’s Factory there aren’t any chocolate pool fountain, but there are some scintillating payouts in form of cash prizes that will definitely make your avaricious tendencies going.

There are 25 yummy pay lines and delicious bonus features that you surely wouldn’t want to miss out on! Minimum bet is 1p per line. There are sumptuous cupcakes, gumballs, lollipops, doughnuts, and candy bars as icons within a great train themed background. More than two Gummy Bears trigger up to get 25 free spins. Look out for the Rainbow Feature which lets you pick a prize. Also there is a light up feature wherein you’ll get up to 5 chances to win x500 your stake.

Sugar Train Slots already got me belly rumbling and mouth watering. While I go and satiate my taste bud, you can get started and enjoy your sweet victory.

Have a great day!



Cheapest bingo rooms at Bingo3X you should have tried out by now!


Cheapest bingo rooms at Bingo3X you should have tried out by now

We know our roomies are forever on a look out for cheap bingo games with impressive rewards. Who doesn’t want a great bingo deal? We do not put on airs and graces. When we talk about fun at best rates, we mean it. If you are looking for affordable fun, then look no more.

Bingo3X has no shortage of fun and bingo rooms. We give our players fair share of bonuses. And the best part is, with these bonuses, your money can go a long way. Thanks to our cheap bingo rooms! For bargain hunters, we’ve listed out games that will help them win big at dirt cheap prices.

Fabulous £50 – Rewards will come thick and fast. Living up to its name, this game is truly fabulous. At just 3p per ticket, in this 75-ball game, you can win a fabulous £50. What more could one ask for?


Sunny ‘90s- Suits every budget and great fun to play. Try out this popular 90-ball bingo game at tickets just 5p apiece.


Bingo Buddies- 5p for a bingo card? That ain’t bad! If you love to banter with your bingo buddies, then you should try out this 75-ball game. Big jackpots to be won by spending just a fiver.


Weekender- With another week coming to an end, what better way to celebrate than with a fantastic £250 giveaway every night from Thursday to Sunday. You need to spend just a fiver to get a step closer to the jackpot.


Mystic £555- This promotion will keep you on your toes. Every 11 days at 20:00 hours, you will get a chance to win a massive jackpot of £555. Tickets are priced at just 5p. That ain’t too shabby considering the jackpot prize. You don’t really need to be a psychic to see that this opportunity is not worth missing out on!


Lucky £777- In this 75-ball game, you need to bingo on the number 7 pattern. Easy peasy! And you could be romping home with a neat stash of cash worth £777. Tickets are priced at just 7p. Go for the luck of the Irish!


BOGOF+ – Like the thought of doubling your winning chances? Then make sure you try out our BOGOF+ room. We all love to get most for our pennies. Buy One Get One Free! Who doesn’t like the sound of it? Buy tickets at just 10p and you’ll get another free. Blimey! And just because we are giving a free ticket doesn’t mean, we’ve lowered the jackpot for you.

And just in case, if you have no bingo budget at all, you can try your hand in our free bingo rooms for each and every player. We’ve got a heavy cocktail of rewards and fun at prices that will make you go “WOW!” We love to draw smiles on our players faces.

Happy playing!


When popular movies and TV shows become a game

You may think NJS is a bookworm. That’s true, but there’s something else besides books that I love- Movies and TV shows! No matter for how long, I can sit tirelessly watching them. Heck yeah! I love ‘em. They are often shown on different media outlets: television, movie halls, novels, internet… and errr.. Slots?!

If you are a regular player at Bingo3X, you might be well aware that popular TV shows and movies have come to the world of slots and instant games as well. Besides bingo, we offer a huge variety of instant games to keep our players entertained. It’s good to take a break from bingo at times and venture into these new genre: movie and reality themed instant games.

There are a couple of things you should know about such slots. They are designed based on the popular movie or TV shows. If you have seen these movies and shows, you can easily connect with the games. It’s almost like the movie is dubbed into these games.

Another distinctive feature about these games are the bonus rounds that are tremendously appealing to our players. You might want to know what are the best movie themed slot games you should try out? Take a look at some of my favs:

Big Brother X Factor
Bloodlines Jack and the Beanstalk
Starburst Wizard of Oz

All these slots have fantastic graphics, cutting edge sounds and of course great payouts! And as these instant games are based on popular movies and reality shows, they boast great story line and amazing characters. No wonder they are such a huge hit among our roomies!

I’m definite you will love these slots. Give them a go and experience the movies and shows even after they are over!

Have a lucky day!


Guaranteed win for all at Bingo3X

Guaranteed win for all at Bingo3X

Wahey fellas! I’m very excited to break this news to you. Here’s a cracking deal for all our Bingo3X fans. If you missed out on this oh-so-fabulous promotion last time, here’s your chance to be a part of the promotion all over AGAIN!

This promotion is fun and generous. Not just because of the £2,500 prize pool, but because EVERYBODY’S A SURE WINNER! Yup. You’ve read it right. Now that doesn’t happen much often in a game of bingo. But as I said we at Bingo3X are pretty generous. We just love to spoil you rotten.

The monthly promotion ‘Sure Win’ is slated for 15th August at 20:00 hours. For those who don’t know much about the promotion, here’s a quick rundown. As mentioned earlier £2,500 is up for grabs! Tickets are priced at 1p apiece. With every 12 tickets purchased, I will give you another 10 tickets absolutely free. Each player can cap a maximum of 96 tickets.

Here’s how much you can win :

  • 1 line wins £400
  • 2 lines wins £600
  • Full House wins £1,000

You’ve got absolutely nothing to loose eh! Blimey. I almost forgot to mention how everybody is a sure winner. This is the best part. The remaining £500 will be divvied up among the remaining players based on number of paid tickets between non-winning players.

So make sure you grab your tickets now, before time runs out. And remember you don’t really need Lady Luck by your side when we are giving you a guaranteed win. This time no one’s going empty handed.

Have fun playing at Bingo3X!

Bravos XX

Happy Birthday Prince George!

Happy Birthday Prince George

Not quite sure if you are a royal watcher like me, but I have been following the royal family for an incredibly long time. I have seen Prince William and Kate Middleton’s love story unfold. I was delighted to learn they got married. In addition to all that joy, last year they gave birth to the a beautiful baby boy.

It’s been wonderful to watch our ‘Pre-King’ grow up and hit a new milestone. Today the world’s most talked about baby is a one year old toddler. Happy Birthday Prince George!

To mark this imperial summer month, we are giving you a chance to win a share of £1,000. All you need to do is bingo on the pattern 1 as many times as possible. Top 20 players who bingo on the pattern one the most get a share of the whopping £1,000 prize pool. You have time till 24th July. So make sure you take advantage of it. And don’t forget to keep and eye on the leaderboard  to know where you stand. Check out our latest promotion The Royal 1st Birthday and get started now!

The prize is royal. So missing out is not an option!

We believe our royal tot will be pampered today with regal gifts. But we too are giving you a reason to celebrate with a ‘royal’ giveaway.

Raise the glass to our future king! Bingo3X wishes Prince George Happy First Birthday.


Bingo3X: Our amazing success story

Bingo3X Our amazing success story

Our journey has been a roller coaster ride, but we couldn’t come this far without your love and support. Today Bingo3X is 2 years 5 months old and we are proud to have created an exciting bingo community in such a short span. Today we will take you on a trip down our memory lane. Find out how a squishy newborn bingo site which once started with the faith to provide the best bingo experience, went on to become one of the popular bingo brands in few short years.

Got off the right foot

We had a dream which we wanted to transform into reality. We knew we had to stand out and we accepted the challenges that lay ahead. Undeterred by obstacles, we kept moving forward.

Bingo is all about fun. It’s about socializing and making friends as much as it is about winning. We intended to introduce all these elements in our site. In fact we wanted to deliver three times fun to our players.

Keeping this goal in mind, under popular software provider DragonFish, we finally launched Bingo3X in February, 2012. On the retrospect, against all odds, we have created a success story. We finally managed to produce a bingo site that is not only fun and entertaining, but also rewarding.

How do we do it differently?

Free Bingo- we provide non-stop free bingo 12 hours a day with over £6,000 a month for the taking

Exclusive and monthly Promotions- if you have tried our special Daily Dose and rewarding monthly promotions, you will know what we are talking about. It’s the little things in life that make our players happy

1 Million Jackpot- You can play for enormous jackpots at our site as well. Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday we give our players the opportunity to become a Millionaire.

Fun Mascots- our fun mascots will keep you entertained all day, every day!

Facebook Fun- we give free bonuses to our players just for liking our Facebook page and up to £15 for playing Bonus Booster app for free.

Our premise involves giving our players a fair and equal chance to succeed! Fun, variety and entertainment is guaranteed!

What’s more?

You can take a virtual stroll at our club and check out what more we offer. In our club section we have Comic Express, Bazaar, Bingoscope (Horoscope) and our interesting blog section to keep you updated and entertained.

Awards and Recognition

We got our biggest break when we were awarded the Best New Bingo Site of 2012 by Which Bingo, Online Bingo Lounge and Wow Bingo. It was three in a row and there was no looking back! We have managed to build the reputation of a fun bingo site with generous giveaways.

We were never let down by critics and obstacles. In fact we stepped it up. Today we have a huge bingo community. At the end of the day, with all the highs and the lows, we owe our success to you guys. Without you, we couldn’t pull it through. Thank you for all your love and support over the years.

Bingo3X Team