Embark on a special journey with Bingo3X

Make this summer of yours all the more exhilarating by logging on to our Bingo 3X site and trying out all our brand new promotions. We have some very exciting promotions with grand returns just for you. Your stay at Bingo3X is surely going to be as entertaining as possible with many more innovations yet to come.

On the 10th of every month, at exactly 8pm, we are providing you the perfect opportunity to win a guaranteed share of £10,000! The best part about this jackpot is that nobody goes back empty handed. All the participants get to share an amount of £5,000. Players who win FH gets £750, 2L wins £500, 1L wins £250, all 1TG split £2,000 and all 2TG split £1,500.

There’s yet another Spin-tastic offer that you can look forward to namely ‘WOW’ and is a special treat to all you bingo lovers out there. These are daily games from Sunday-Thursday and will open at 21:00. So come participate and win countless number of free spins. Players who bingo on full house get 100 free spins, 2L winners get 50 free spins and 1L winners get 20 free spins. It doesn’t end with that, 1TG winners and 2TG winners get free spins too. These free spins can be availed and enjoyed by all players within 72 hours from winning.

There is another site that is worth mentioning here and is called New Look Bingo. This is the one stop site for those of you who like winning great prizes and massive jackpots. The site has many promotions and has recently joined forces with the one and only Microgaming software. With this development, New Look Bingo has a whole set of high quality games with incredible graphics. Your gaming experience here cannot get any better and more enthusiastic. The best part is that new players on the site get a free sign up bonus as well as a 500% first deposit bonus to begin playing with.

Hop aboard to the £20,000 Xmas Sleigh Frenzy

Hop aboard to the £20,000 Xmas Sleigh Frenzy

This Christmas there’s something special in the pipeline for all our lovely roomies. Before Crimbo fever hits us and the competition gets fierce, we’ve got a great deal for all you bingo lovers out there. I know it’s way too early to be thinking about Christmas, but this time we’ve got an irresistible deal for you. Prepare to plan your games ahead of time and win a neat stash of cash worth 20,000.

Yes, the big £20,000 Xmas Sleigh is here! Start pre-buying your tickets before the prices go up! There will be 20 games played which can fetch you a stonking £1,000 each. We are giving early bird discounts to all our players to play for the big jackpot game in the yuletide season.

Buy your multi-passes for just £5. Every multi-pass includes 1 ticket to each of the 20 games. But make sure you hurry up because the sale ends on 16th November. The fun begins continues from 1st December right up until 20th December at 8:00pm everyday.

Things are getting hotter by the minute at Bingo3X. Seems like it’s hard to pass up an offer like this. Snap those tickets before time runs out. Clock is ticking!

Coming soon: New range of slot games

Ultimate Universe

We hope you are having a great time at Bingo3X. We’ve spent a lot of time to make our site as fun as possible for our lovely bingo players. However, the additions and innovations is still continuing thick and fast, so that everytime a player plays with us, boredom is at bay.

We’re glad to announce there will be 16 brand new additions soon to our instant games for our members to enjoy. These games will be supported through both mobile and PC. Some of the games we’ve introduced are: Elvis, Ultimate Universe, Tokyo Nights, Gold Fish, Magical Forest, and many more.


From the Mexican Fiesta to the magical forest, all these games will have fab graphics to keep you captivated and coming back for more. There are abundance of bingo and instant games to indulge in. Your gaming needs are covered right here at Bingo3X!

These games are easy and fun to play and have great payouts. So give them a go today. We’re sure you’ll have a whale of a time!

Experience the road to stardom with Bingo3X

Experience the road to stardom with Bingo3X

Millions of people dream to become a superstar. Few live their dreams, while the rest kiss the dust. However, there’s a great way to find your dreams come true- win fame and money with The X Factor Video Slot at Bingo3X. Just like the hit TV show, this exciting slot game has nerve-wracking auditions, anguish of the live final, scintillating boot camp, accompanied by laurels of the audience.

The slot perfectly captures the essence of the TV show. Remember the opening theme tune and the drama that unfolded? You can experience it all for yourself. If you think you have the X Factor, then give this slot game a go!

Before starting the game, you get 2 options: Money Play and Practice Play. You can click on one of them and get started.

It’s a 20 lines slot game. You can click on the ‘+’ or ‘-’ button to change your stake per line. There is a special bonus win of up to 15 free spins which is triggered by getting 3 X Factor bonus symbols on 1st, 3rd and 5th reel. If lady luck is smiling on you and you hit the Judges Bonus Scatter Award, you can get up to x200 your stake.  

Do you too want to experience how it feels to be an X Factor Star? Your road to stardom is going to be a cakewalk. One of our beloved Bingo3X players wowx3 won a whopping £1809 recently. Can you believe it? What all I would ‘ve done with a sum like that. I’m really happy for ‘er.

You too can be the next lucky winner. So give those slots a whirl.

Good luck XOXO

Much love,

What Makes Bingo So Popular and Fun?

What Makes Bingo So Popular and Fun


Bingo is considered one of the most popular games across the globe. What makes the game so much likeable is the fun aspect attached to it. But that brings us to the question- ‘Why is Bingo so much fun?’ Players, who play other games, seldom have as much fun as when they play bingo.


The very reason that makes the game so immensely popular is the fact that it is a social game. Whether we go to a bingo hall or play online bingo, we spend an indefinite time in talking with people and socializing. Hence, it has become an activity wherein we can enjoy with friends and family. And if you still don’t have a friend to play bingo with, surely you will make one while playing.


Another major reason attached with bingo that makes it so much fun and entertaining is the fact that the game gets everybody together. Mostly when we play, the players are limited to 5-10 members, but in case of bingo there are literally hundreds of people. This makes the game competitive but in a friendly way.


One of the reasons why playing in a group can be so much exciting is that, bingo allows you to see what you are doing, but you have no clue what is written in somebody else’s card. When you see you need just one more number to win the game, your heart starts pumping faster than ever. You know you have something to root for. In the process the game gets pretty addictive and fun, irrespective of the fact whether you play with money or not. And these days with online bingo, you have the choice to enjoy the game for free as well. For instance, in Bingo3X you can play ‘Free-4-All’. Both funded and non-funded players can play free and paid bingo.


And bingo gets even more fun, when people get to win. Sometime the winnings can be life-changing as well. And that’s the major reason why so many people love bingo. Over a decade, people stopped going to bingo halls. They started playing online bingo instead. Most think it is because it is more convenient, fun and easier to play. And Bingo3X has gone on to add some fantastic features like chat rooms so that the social aspect associated with the game is well maintained and the bingo fun is kept as original as possible.


Tips and Strategies to Make More Money on Bingo

Tips and Strategies to Make More Money on Bingo


A full page dedicated to bingo winning strategies? Sounds implausible! Bingo is supposed to be a game of luck, isn’t it? Well, technically speaking, aye! But there are ways you can tweak your luck and increase your chances of winning. Just like any and every game, you need to make some decisions and strategies here as well. These strategies will increase your winning chances and make the game lot more enjoyable.


Bingo3X is quite popular among bingo enthusiasts. And what’s the reason? Besides the offers, the naughty mascots and easy navigation there is something more to it. The site is powered by Dragon Fish! Now you must be wondering what’s in that? Well, the wagering requirements are the lowest of all. Don’t be preposterous to fall prey to the humungous Welcome Bonuses. Most sites do that to increase footfalls to their website. Once you sign up, play and win the catch comes! High wagering requirement! But thankfully, with Bingo3X you are in safe hands. The lowest wagering requirement in the whole bingo industry! Hence, choosing a site with the least wagering requirement is indispensible.


Besides all that, playing a safe game is of paramount importance. So it’s suggested, you play bingo mostly when you think most people are not likely to. With less people to play, your probability to win also goes up. Also prefer to choose bingo games that that has auto-daub option.  That will minimize the risk of missing out any number. And you know well, how important each number is on your card. So prefer auto-daub option always.


Another interesting way to win make money is by partaking in the Pouch-a-Vouch game every 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 8:00 PM. To do that, you need to take part in the Facebook contests every day. You can like, comment, share the posts. For every such activity, you get 5 free tickets to the Pouch-a-Vouch game. Up for grabs are some amazing gift vouchers from Amazon, Debenhams, Highstreet et cetra. So you can win some steamy vouchers without spending much.


Also you should buy more and more cards while you are playing a particular bingo game. That definitely makes your winning chances better. And when you are making a deposit, make sure you make the most of it. There are times when the site gives extra bonuses, take advantage of that situation. Collect as many bonuses as possible. Also you can partake in ‘Daily Dose’ by making a minimum deposit of a tenner and stand a chance to win daily bingo bonuses.


There are several small tricks like these that you can apply to make the most out of your bingo experience. We’ll give you more such bingo tips in near future. So keep your eyes peeled!


There are players who have made fortunes by playing bingo. It is a tradition indeed but more than that an amazing platform to make money if you know the tricks just right. Bingo is a game blended with luck, strategy and fun. So good luck to all next time you play!



Make tips every woman must know

Make tips every woman must know


Apply Eye Shadow before Foundation

Many people wonder when to apply foundation. Most women put eye shadow after foundation which should not be done. Flecks from shadow fall on your face, making it difficult to wipe off the foundation that you just applied.


Do Not Skip the Primer

Primer is like glue that will help in holding makeup hours after you venture out. It makes our skin’s surface smooth. And don’t confuse primer with a moisturizer. Always moisturize your face, wait for some time and then use primer. The best way to apply a primer is to take little primer on your palm and rub gently with your middle and ring finger. Massage it all over your face for a minute and wait for 5 minutes and then apply foundation.


Choose the Foundation Closest To Your Skin Tone

Most women pick up the wrong foundation. It is essential to choose a foundation that goes with your skin tone. Next time you head over to a makeup store, be sure to go all natural. And to know which shade is the best for you, test the shade on your jaw line. This will give you a match of the exact skin tone.

After Applying a Loose/Pressed Powder after Liquid Foundation

Make sure you don’t look like a shiny mess. By applying powder, you are sealing the makeup. Thus you can avoid a melting face.


Get Rid Of Old Mascaras

Every time you open that bottle of mascara, bacteria clings on to the wand. Please make sure you throw away the mascaras that are older than three months.


Do Not Go To Sleep With Your Makeup On 

We all know sleeping with makeup on is harmful for our skin. Still some of us do it despite that knowledge. Pores tend to get clogged and our skin can’t breathe due to makeup. And when you wake up in the morning, you squeal to see an ugly pimple on your face. Next time when you go out on a long night out, make sure you carry makeup remover wipes in your handbag.



Latest Fad- Eyebrow Transplant

Latest Fad- Eyebrow Transplant


Eyebrows add a lot to our beauty and expressions. Brow fashion has evolved a lot over the decades. From arched to prominent thick, the trends have changed a great deal. From plucking to waxing, a new fad has emerged in the market- eyebrow transplant. This is becoming increasingly popular among urban women. While plucking can permanently damage the follicle, making eyebrows thin, this new fad seems to be an answer to eyebrow thinning problem. Sometimes overplucking makes the growth of the eyebrows sparser leading to gaps in the brow that takes a lot of time to fill. In such cases getting a fuller eyebrow can be done artificially in this day and age.


How is it done?

In eyebrow transplantation, hair from the head is taken to implant in the brow region to give it a fuller look. A small area is shaved and numbed. Hair follicles naturally found in the scalp are clubbed together. And don’t fret, for there won’t be any cuts or stitches.

A typical eyebrow transplant may require nearly 500 hairs, obviously depending on how sparse your brow hair is. Tiny holes will be placed with needles over your brow to plant hair. All this will be done under anesthetic injection.


After the treatment

This procedure does have little cons as well. Little swelling or bruising around the eye for couple of days might be an issue. The hair holes will scab over and fall off in 2-3 weeks time. After 3-4 months, hair will start growing back. Full growth will be visible after approximately 6 months.

However, hair will start growing back like hair on head; hence you will need to trim it regularly. You can dye, pluck, shape, and do whatever you want.

This procedure takes about 4 hours. Some antibiotics and steroids will be given to you for few days post this procedure. You sternly need to follow the given instructions. You cannot rub the area lest it might get infected.