MoMo Agnieszka

Hi people, welcome to the Bingo3X blog. Exciting times are ahead of us and its best we get to know each other a bit. I am MoMo Agnieszka and I have lived in Swansea and Bath before deciding to move back to good ole London. Call me MoMo, Mo, Agni, whatever you will and get ready to set off on a whirlwind tour with me. I will bring you scoops from all over and try to make your each day with Bingo3X very special. Since I am a foodie and quite a fashion slave, this blog is just an extension of who I am in real life..

I have an appetite for makeup, play the relationship guru to my friends and am absolutely in love with Adele and her fabulous voice (six Grammys, yay). So, is color blocking hot this spring or is it oh-so-last-season? Are vintage looking pencil-thin eyebrows making a comeback or is it time to embrace boy-brows? Red lipstick or orange? How to get started with a detox diet and stick to it? These are just a few shots of topics I would be featuring. If there’s something you’d like me to talk about, drop me a message and I will try to run a story in the best possible time.

See you around…