Beauty quick fixes to avert potential disasters

quickfixesWe all love elaborate beauty rituals that leave us feeling pampered and Cleopatra-like. However, with the constant race against time, I find myself struggling to put up a presentable face, let alone indulge in any pampering treatments. Every morning, I have just about enough time to wash my face, put some sunscreen, a little mascara and lippie and then dash out of the house faster than a ninja.

Makeup is truly an art and when the busy woman of today applies it in such a rush, mistakes are bound to happen. Usually, it is too late to do anything about them but pray that people notice your glittering personality and not the extra glitter that accidentally landed under one eye.

A few quick fixes which have been tried, tested and given the thumbs up can save our day. Here are some examples:

  • Too much powder on your face? Spray some water or better still, some setting spray. If you have neither at hand, take a soft towel and gently dab all over, especially the eye region.
  • If you have too much blush on your face, apply some face powder on top. If you still think there is more than there should be, take a dry napkin or kitchen towel, press it against the blush for 5 seconds and lift. Make sure you do not rub.
  • Sometimes, incorrect application of mascara can leave you with clumpy looking lashes. Trying to remove it is fraught with the danger of ruining your face makeup as well. Invest in a good metal lash comb for disasters like this. Put a little makeup remover and run the comb through your lashes.
  • Managed to get mascara on your eye shadow? Tricky! Take a precision brush, lightly wet it and put the same eye shadow on top of the mascara stain. To avoid such situations completely, use plastic eyelid shields while applying mascara.
  • Never apply lip liner that matches the shade of your lipstick but choose one that is closest to the natural colour of your lips.
  • Carry travel-sized dry shampoo bottles in your bag for those sudden meetings on your bad (and oily) hair days.
  • For quick pimple relief, get an over the counter eye drop and put a few drops on your pimple to reduce the inflammation and redness. Later, mix sea salt with hot water and dab on the spot.

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