Being a Little shy can be Advantageous

Being a Little shy can be AdvantageousShyness can be described as feeling a little scared when you are around people.  Well, at some point of time, all of us have been shy some time or the other. It is not a pre-planned notion as nobody decides on being shy on a particular day. It just happens all of a sudden.

Being shy is not a bad thing. It is quite alright – if someone takes a little bit of time to open up to new people and new situations, it is something quite normal. In fact, at times being a little shy can be really helpful as that can help you to spend a little time in observing things before, jumping into the situation. Not being friendly to strangers in just one go, is quite obvious. However, there are situations when people get a little more than required and in such situations people blame themselves for this kind of behaviour.

Shyness in a person can be revealed in many ways. People experience the feelings of shyness in many different ways. Some important ones are:

  • Failure to maintain eye contact with the person.
  • Blushing caused by embarrassment, excitement and anxiety.
  • At times, blushing also results in sweaty hands.
  • Feeling of self-consciousness and insecure.
  • Some people might experience burning of stomachs when approached by someone to talk.

There are certain advantages and disadvantages of being shy. And, anyways being shy is not an incurable illness that cannot be cured. There are lots of ways to overcome it.

A few advantages of being shy:

  • Cautious Thinking: Shy people do not have the tendency to act immediately in any situation and this can be a great strength for them. At times taking a quick decision can lead to a problem. Thinking over a situation for a few days and considering it from various ways is the best option.
  • Vulnerable Appearance: Shy people look vulnerable and can be easily taken advantage of by others and their aggressive competitors get rewarded easily. However, in various other human service oriented jobs like working with mentally disable people, therapy, counseling, education and in other vulnerable causes, people can open up easily and it is a great benefit for them, if they are joining in such professions.
  • Shy people tend to be more Believable: In comparison to aggressive and outgoing people, the shy people shed a good impression about them. They are considered to be trustworthy and people of more integrity. Studies have shown that shy people have gone to become effective speakers at a later date.

Moreover, if someone is too shy and wants to overcome, the same can be done in various ways.

  • Diagnose the level of shyness: Find out the reason, why are you so petrified to talk to someone. Check out with people and friends who can help you overcome the same.
  • Do a proper introspection of yourself. Check out on which areas you need to improve yourself and how you can do it. But, do not compare yourselves with others. This will only make you feel alone and inferior. Everyone falls somewhere in the dimensional theories of personality in regards to shyness.
  • Meet more people. Making friends with someone outgoing and bold is a good option as they can always help you out in such situations.
  • Take small steps, do not speed up with things. Rushing into anything will only worsen things, so take one step at a time.

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