Beware: Cheating your wife could kill you

cheating manAll those people who condone infidelity by calling human beings polygamous by nature just might have to bite their own tongue. If they are supported by the ‘animals cannot be monogamous’ theory, those on the other side of the fence who believe in loyalty have many arguments to support them, including some new, scientific ones. Disloyalty does not just disrupt your personal life; if you have been cheating on your wife, you might just be dead meat soon!

No, this isn’t a threat by some extreme feminist group. Recent research has shown that cheating men have been known to succumb to ‘sudden coital death,’ which means a heart attack suffered in the middle of the act. Italian researchers have come to the conclusion that men are much less likely to suffer a heart attack when they were being intimate with their wives than when they were with their mistresses.

The Italians are backed by the Germans who have found that most men who had heart attacks (fatal in many cases) during the act were with their lovers at that time, and not with their wives. Though no concrete reason could be put forward for this occurrence, researchers believe a guilty conscience could have something to do with these fatalities.

An extra marital affair has its consequences which can be far more damaging than the perks that it offers. The constant fear of being caught and the pressure involved in hiding and covering one’s tracks at all times is demanding and puts stress on the arteries, resulting in such deaths.

The pitfalls of an affair outside marriage are many including diseases, social embarrassment, emotional distress, severing of familial ties. As if these dangers were not enough, now men faced with temptation have another cause of concern – death due to heart attack.

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