Big Wonders of Belly Dancing

Big Wonders of Belly DancingBelly dancing (Middle eastern dance) also called Raks Sharki is a form of dance that most of us are familiar with but probably have not tried or do not aware of much benefits offered by this form of dancing. We probably love to watch it and consider it just a means of entertainment, not knowing the loads of benefits it has at offer for us. And, here I will detail the different benefits that can be derived from this graceful form of dancing. The dance movements in belly dancing like hip drops, circles, rippling motions and pivots of the dance help to strengthen our body muscles in the abdomen, spine, neck and trunk. In short, there is a health of benefits waiting to be grabbed from this form of dancing. A few of them are mentioned below:

Tones muscles and improves the posture: The dance movements that include the figure eight, hip drops and shimmies make the joints and ligaments of the lower back to move in a range of repetitive movements. This helps to increase the flow of the synovial fluid in the joints.

On doing the proper movements and the pelvis is tipped forward and inward and creating the neutral position can help one to discard lower back problems. Muscle movements in the ligaments and vertebrae create movement in the trunk and pelvis areas that help in toning the muscles and maintaining flexibility. Toned muscles help in creating a good posture and also prevent back pain, caused due to the unnatural curving forward of the spine. The muscle groups that are under-exercised become stronger with continuous practice of belly dancing.

Movements like lifts, figure eight and rippling motions enhance flexibility and suppleness in the body and also our arms and shoulders get exercised. Belly dancing is also considered as a good weight bearing exercise for women have to move on their feet during the dance. This form of exercise is important in preventing osteoporosis, strengthening the muscles and bones and leading to overall toning of the body that in turn results in improving the self image and boosts in loads of confidence.

Weight Loss: Belly dancing or Raks Sharki is an excellent way to lose oodles of weight from your abdomen region. It can burn up to 300 calories per hour. However, the estimate will vary depending upon the intensity of the dance. Also, combined with this dance, one should combine a healthy eating regime and get involved with sensible eating. The dance classes are mostly given twice every week. To enjoy better results and improved cardiovascular benefits, one can combine practicing belly dancing with aerobics, swimming and bike riding. Your entire body can enjoy the benefits – aerobics will work well for the larger muscle groups and dancing will enhance the strength and co-ordination of the small muscles in the hips and arms.

Helps in Child Birth: The movements of Raks Sharki are an excellent pre-natal regimen that strengthens the muscles that are used in the process of child birth. Women who desire the natural form of childbirth, this form of exercise through dancing is an excellent option to encourage abdominal tone. The natural hip tucks taught in the dance movements is something similar to the pelvic rocking as taught to an expecting Mother to move her pelvis.

Calms pre-menstrual Symptoms: Belly dance movements like figure 8’s and snake arms helps in increasing the blood flow and flushes out the lactic acid. The movements help in relieving the tensed feelings in the pelvic region. And, the overall increased blood circulation helps to alleviate the stressed feelings.

Aids Digestion: Well, any kind of dancing is good for the process of digestion. Exercising the abdominal region by rolling the belly and swaying the torso will automatically allow food to move in the digestion system thus helping food to get digested.

Belly dancing is a fun and a healthy way of exercising. It allows a woman to tune the natural movements. It allows women to exhilarate, refresh and stay relaxed. Find up for a class soon and join in for the most graceful dance of centuries old.

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