Bingo3X hosts St Patrick’s Day special lucky jackpot game

st. patricksIt’s St Patrick’s Day, today! There is more to the day than just wearing green ribbons or shamrocks and downing pints of Guinness. The day commemorates St Patrick, who is the patron saint of Ireland. The celebration of this day is, however, is not restricted to Ireland or even Great Britain. People in countries such as Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand etc too celebrate the day with as much fervour. In the spirit of St Paddy’s day, people all over Britain are seen keeping Lenten restrictions at bay and indulging in feasting and drinking.

Carrying the spirit of the day and the merrymaking involved with it, Bingo3X too has come up with a jackpot game to make the celebration of the day even more special. Today, come armed with all your luck and head straight into the Lucky 777 Room here at the site. Here, at sharp 8 in the evening, a special jackpot game will be played where players stand a chance to take home a jackpot prize worth a massive £777! Bingo3X is in a generous mood for the day so make sure to make the best of it. A missed opportunity like this could haunt you for a lifetime to set your timers now. To win, all that players need to do is call on the lucky clover pattern. Doing so will help them walk away with the astonishing prize, available on Bingo3X only on the occasion of St Patrick’s Day.

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