Bingo3X promos to make players swoon

Bingo3X has been launched and with it many goodies in the form of promotions. You can now play more bingo and win more Money. The offers are exclusive to our site and thus, only for Bingo3X players. If you have not registered with the site yet, I would suggest you don’t wait any longer. The offers are drool-worthy and you can take my word for it. Not only are they exclusive and well-paying, they are fuss-free and this makes them irresistible. Once registered, all you need to do is log-in and deposit a minimum of £10 to play. This will set the ball rolling and make the goodies come pouring in.

How would you feel if you put in £10 and got something worth £30, ecstatic maybe? At Bingo3X, that’s precisely how you are going to feel throughout. When you deposit £10 as your first deposit amount at the site, you get to play bingo worth £30. That’s a massive 200% bonus on your very first deposit. The more you deposit, the more you stand to earn. Also, it isn’t just the bonus that players get to enjoy on the first deposit. You get to take away a guaranteed reward in the form of a Gift Voucher worth £5 from Amazon on your first time deposit. Additionally, depending on the amount you deposit, you get a number of free tickets to enter a lucky draw worth a staggering £1500 i.e., for every £10 you deposit, you get 1 ticket free for the Lucky Draw.

Find the Bingo3X Fanpage on Facebook and here too, you will be invited by an exciting range of offers that are meant only for our Fans. The Bonus Booster app surely lives up to its name, allowing players to earn a £5 bonus every single day. Try your hand at this exciting slot app where you get three chances to win the £5 bonus which can further be redeemed on Bingo3X. Also, participate in various contests on Facebook and stand a chance to win cash prizes worth £1000. With so much to play for, jump on the Bingo3X bandwagon for round-the-clock fun.

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