Bobbi Brown’s Brightening Nudes Collection is finally out

BobbiBrownWhen it comes to makeup, I am blessed with powers of segregation. I don’t even notice substandard stuff and when I am among the good ones, my mental checker gets activated immediately. According to me, there are two types of makeup goodies out there in the market – the should-haves and the MUST-haves. And ever since I laid my eyes on the Brightening Nudes Collection by Bobbi Brown for the first time, I haven’t been able to think of anything else. It has stamped its presence in my mental MUST-have list.

Now that it is finally here, I wasted no time in flying out to get the entire thing. Yes, the entire collection. From the eye shadows to the two different types of lipglosses, I stopped at nothing. That is how much I trust Bobbi Brown and needless to say, I was not disappointed. Though I approved of all the products in the collection, for me the Brightening Finishing Powder was the wow product, the one that won my heart, one silky stroke at a time. Here’s a quick review of the Brightening Nudes Collection from American makeup biggies, Bobbi Brown:

Brightening Finishing Powder – Available in six gorgeous shades to suit different needs, this finishing powder is the glittering star of the collection and is the best brightening product I have ever used. The powder is light and silky and glides on perfectly to leave one with a beautiful glow that seems to be emanating from within. Will I buy it again once I run out of it? An emphatic YES!

Sparkle Eye Shadow – The shadows are all silver with little hints of colour. Apply lightly and you will have lids that glow in sunlight. Apply with a heavy hand and you will have beautiful lamé fabric lids that catch sunlight in different angles to show pops of colour. The dominant colours are pink and yellow and all the four shades are very smooth to wear.

Glitter and Brightening Lip Gloss – The glitter line is infused with light reflective flecks that leave one with the most pronounced pout around. For a limited time, Bobbi Brown’s classic Crystal gloss is also available in this glittering and shimmery avatar. Apart from Popsicle and Peach, the other shades are of the milky-pink family. The Brightening Lip Glosses come packed with brightening pearls and have a luminous finish. The three shades available are Pink Opal, Pink Lilac and Lilac Pearl, with Pink Opal being my favourite.

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