Bonus Booster app makes playing at Bingo3X even more fun!

app picBingo3X has recently launched a brand new app on its Facebook page which promises to make the experience of playing here an unforgettable one. The Bonus Booster app, which is available only to those players who have deposited at the site, is a slot application that is not only a relief from regular online bingo but also allows players a chance to win earn extra cash. So once you have deposited at the site, all you need to do is go over to the Facebook page of Bingo3X, ‘like’ the page and start playing immediately.

Each player will get three chances each day to spin and play. Bonus Booster is a 3 reel slot game and what one win depends on the symbols that come up on each spin. There are a variety of winning combinations and depending on the combination one gets, players can earn anything between 50p and £5. And if luck is on your side, you can also win the special combination of symbols that will get you another chance to try your luck at Bonus Booster. Another chance to spin is another chance towards winning £5 for free!

So hop on to the Facebook page of Bingo3X and start playing the Bonus Booster app. One look at its sleek and inviting graphics and you would not feel like playing anything else. There is nothing more fun than playing slots with friends and keeping this in mind, Bingo3X gives its players the chance to invite their Facebook friends to come join them and play the app. The option to invite friends to join you at playing Bonus Booster is available on the right hand corner of the page. The page also displays the recent winners at the bottom. This serves two purposes – it helps players keep a track of their winnings as well as helps them keep an eye on who is winning what just to ensure no one is racing ahead of them.

As soon as you hit the right combination and win your part, share your Bingo3X user name and claim your winning amount. Whatever you win by spinning and playing at Bonus Booster will be credited to your account as bingo bonus. This you can then use to play the various fun and exciting bingo games at Bingo3X.

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