Book your space well!

booktableI have been meaning to buy a tiny writing desk and the seat to go with it. Nothing too fancy or big. Something that’s spacious enough to accommodate my notebooks, a pen, a few pencils, a sharpener and an eraser will suffice. Something that lets me write pretentiously. Alternatively, a table just big enough to accommodate my laptop is also fine.

I have been scouring thrift stores and have come across some really adorable ones. What’s better, they are throw-away priced, have a vintage-y appeal and give me the feeling that Jane Austen would  probably approve of them too. There, however, is a problem.

Living in a box-like structure and having to call it an apartment, the problem here is space. Most things have already been pushed right next to (almost glued to) each other. If I bring in a desk and chair, I would be left with two options – to place my fridge out or to keep everything in and sleep out myself. Not terribly practical, I think.

It was when I was scratching my head for a solution that I remembered seeing this DIY website quite some time back that had a post on making a table out of books! Yes, books! And books are one thing I have no dearth of. Hardbacks, paperbacks, new books, charity shop books, well-thumbed, spineless, lovely smelling, musty, moth-eaten, unread, favourites…yes, books I have aplenty.

Without losing anymore time, I put on my crafty hat and got down to business. Here are the things you will need for your book-table:

  • Books (obviously!)
  • Binding Twine
  • Plexiglass/Wood
  • Lace or any other fabric of your choice

Look for books of about the same size and make stacks. Place heavier ones at the bottom. This will make the table stable.

Once you have reached the height you require, bind the books tight using binding twine.

For a four-legged arrangement, make three more stacks of the same height and bind them together. Depending on the structure you fancy, you can either twine the four stacks to each other or let them be on their own.

For the table top, use either a sheet of Plexiglass or even wood, depending on the sturdiness of the table legs. Cover with a fabric of your choice. I have placed a red checkered table cloth and a beautiful piece of lace in cream on top of it. Make sure not to cover the table legs completely.

My laptop sits pretty on it and I am already typing and making use of my very own book-table!

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