Boys now have a new toy!

simon-cowell-david-hasselhoffWhen I first read the word ‘Boy-Tox,’ I was certain it was a typo. The word is boy toy, my dear, get your XYZs right, I thought, quite condescendingly. I even mentally tch-tched the writer for making such a silly typing error in the headline. As I began reading the article, I had to swallow my pride when I realised the word wasn’t an error, after all! It is a new term that I wasn’t aware of till then; a trend that the boy-toys and other famous males are toying with.

So, what exactly is Boy-Tox if not a typo version of boy toy? Well, it’s a spin on the word Botox! Of course, it is! I chided myself for not getting this simple play of letters! The trend that sees men latching on to cosmetic fillers like Botox is being referred to as Boy-Tox. Having smooth, wrinkle-free skin is not just a woman’s prerogative anymore as more and more men these days are opting for these injections to preserve the sheen of their youthful skin. A survey reveals that men now constitute 1 out of 5 Botox patients.

How did men get hooked on to these cosmetic fillers? Did their partners have a role to play in this or did the proverbial light bulb light up on its own? Cosmetic surgeons see this trend as the combination of many things. “It might be that their wives or girlfriends use the injections and noticing good results in them, the males too wanted to give it a shot and later got used to it,” one such doctor offered.

Other reasons could be that recently single older men, who want to play the chase once more, want to look their best so as not to lose out to the younger looking men out there. High pressure jobs usually take their toll and leave people with frown lines and more. Looking less haggard and stern at work could be another reason for more men opting for these fillers.

Famous male celebs who are fans of Botox injections include Simon Cowell and David Hasselhoff.

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