Breakaway and be who you really are

indieWalk down the street, any street of your choice, and you will see most women dressed in the trends of the season. The colours, prints, cuts and even the brands are just as dictated by fashion blogs and glossies. A few have taken inspiration from runways and have modified them as street wear. However, a close look reveals that as far as fashion is concerned, we are all working within a few set boundaries. This is, in my opinion, not right. Whatever happened to having fun with fashion?

I am happy not being too fashion forward, to be honest. As someone once said, you are not elegant if you are too trendy. But whether you want to be elegant or boho, what’s important is to avoid looking like your co-worker’s clone. Or anybody else’s, for that matter.

Everyone should author their individual style stories, but that is really easier said than done though a little nudge in the right direction can go a long way. Most important however, is to understand who you really are and work at highlighting your personality than trying to be a poor version of someone else’s fashion vision.

There are no rules regarding how to define your individual style because that is paradoxical and defeats individualism. But here are a few tips to organise your thoughts and go about developing your own style:

  1. Look at some of your recent pictures. Check everything – Facebook, your phone, laptop, iPad and try to decipher if there exists any pattern. Your clothes are likely to tell a lot about you. What are you veering towards? A no-nonsense go getter? A flirty, feminine girl? Then ask yourself, is it what you want the world to see you as?
  2. Whatever you want your image to be, sit down and google that. Download as many pictures of the look that you want. If there is a celebrity whose personal style you recognise with, download her pics in various different looks. Make special note of the shoes, bags, other accessories and the makeup because clothes alone cannot create an image. It helps to have your own look book. Just take any notebook and pin the pictures.
  3. De-clutter your wardrobe. Yes, your mum was right – you don’t need so many clothes. That faded t shirt that has lost its shape? The jeans that just cannot be zipped (you bought the pair either because someone told you needed a bigger size or to motivate yourself into losing weight)? The 5 similar looking black bat-sleeved tops (you were into all things goth then, remember?) Well, sorry, they ALL need to go. Think about it like this – you are just making way for all the gorgeous new stuff to come in.
  4. Go to stores – This is not the same as going shopping. Take your look book and try out those outfits (or ones very similar) and check how you feel in them. You know it’s a great outfit but does it enhance who you are? Does it fit you like it was tailored for you? If not, it’s best not to buy them. You don’t want another pile of clothes you never wear.
  5. Once you have decided what feels right, look great and fits your sensibilities (and your wallet), go ahead and indulge. Once you buy an outfit, go for another shopping trip and this time, buy accessories that go with it. Buy a few options so you won’t look the same even when you are wearing the same clothes.

Go figure!

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