Breakfast, lunch and dinner options to stay in shape

broiled salmonThere must be something I am doing right. In the last couple of months, the occurrences of old acquaintances coming to me and cooing, “Don’t you look lovely, rounded and glowing” have considerably gone down. In fact, in the last couple of weeks, I have had friends and even colleagues who see me everyday comment on my new found leanness.

What do I attribute it to? Maybe the fact that I have been hitting the gym with the gusto of a bull fighter? Maybe it has to do with the happy people I am surrounding myself with or maybe it is the diet I have been following. Or maybe, it is the combination of all these factors. While I have talked about exercises many times, let’s talk a little about food today!

Do you need to skip meals to sport the lean-mean look? No. What you need is to eat right. Nutritionists suggest a 2000 calorie daily diet plan and most of us manage to hover around that figure. The difference, however, between a lean person consuming 2000 calories and a not-so-lean one consuming the same amount of calories is the source from which they get their calories.

So, whether you eat 5 cheese burgers in a day or 3 nutritious, balanced and tasty meals plus 3 quick and yum snacks, you are likely to get the same amount of calories. Whether you want obesity, malnutrition and a host of illnesses or a lean healthy body coupled with shining hair and glowing skin is, ultimately, your choice.

Here’s a low down on the diet that, when combined with correct exercise, works for me. You should consult a practicing nutritionist before completely altering your diet, though:


1)      Omelette made of two egg whites, chopped onion, spinach, avocado slices, part skim ricotta cheese, pinch of salt and black pepper. Have it with two slices of multigrain bread.

2)      A bowl of oats, 6 soaked almonds, fat free yogurt and one small fruit.


1)      A chicken salad. Make sure it thin slices of yellow, green and red peppers, corn kernels, lettuce, red onions etc. Skip the usual dressing. Make your own combining either yogurt, diced cucumber, parsley, lemon juice and salt or olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a few drops of chilli oil.

2)      Sautéed vegetables garnished with part skim mozzarella or crumbled feta to go with herbed and sautéed chicken breast tenders.


1)      3Oz steak that is either roasted or grilled. Two slices of whole wheat or multigrain bread. A salad made of cherry tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, cucumber, lemon and a sprinkling of cheese, olive oil and sea salt.

2)      Broiled salmon that has been marinated in olive oil, black pepper, cumin, salt and cayenne pepper powder. Oven roasted sweet potatoes drizzled olive oil and spices of choice.

For snacks in between, you should definitely try out this smoothie:

In a blender, combine 4 large strawberries, 1 cup mineral water, juice of 1 lemon, 1 ½ tbsp honey and a sprig of mint. Blend it on low speed for 15 seconds and later, on high speed for a minute. One of the most refreshing low calorie things you can ever put in your mouth!

Don’t forget to have 2 litres of water and a couple of cups of green tea too!

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