Confused what to wear: Here are some Timeless Fashion Trends

Confused what to wearIs staying in style your biggest passion? And, most of the time you are stuck in a wardrobe rut and deciding what to wear. Here, is something interesting to share with all the fashionistas. In today’s date, fashion is something that one starts it and it just goes on with the rest following it. Fashion trends are never sustainable. If something is in this season, is out in the next. Yet, there are a few popular styles that you can always keep it in your wardrobe that we call as timeless trends.

As all of us can see that, even after century of modern clothing, we have again reached back to the decades and revived some of the old styles. Some trends have become timeless while there are some that come and go in a 20-30 year cycle. After examining a few of the trends, we have categorized something excellent that can be followed at all times.

  • •  Full Skirts: Full skirts are a timeless style that can be worn easily with a tank top along with a blazer or a cropped jacket
  • •  Pelpum Skirts: These skirts have a classic feminine silhouette and impart a smaller look to the waist. They are also a piece of timeless fashion.
  • •  Cropped Jacket is another piece of timeless fashion as it looks versatile and looks the best on high waist trousers and skirts.
  • •  Remember, the little black dress- it’s an absolute timeless beauty. Your wardrobe is absolutely incomplete without a little black dress. You can always try something like spaghetti straps, one shoulder strap or even a gown. The possibilities to complement your figure can be just endless.
  • •  And, yes of course the polka dotted dresses. A polka dotted top or a skirt suits everyone and is a common piece of fashion.
  • •  A pair of blue jeans paired with a white shirt and the same teamed with a good pair of sneakers is one of the timeless casuals. Dressed in this manner, will make you feel as though you have just stepped out from the Paris fashion house.
  • •  One must invest in a good pair of Capri pants as it is one of the biggest style statements that one can actually flaunt. Capri pants have been in the limelight since the 1950’s and suit anyone and everyone when teamed up with a good top.
  • •  Narrow trousers are a piece of fashion that will never die and are always applauded in fashion shows.
  • •  Try the Power dressing- Black and white! This contrast has been appealing ever since and has got an undeniable amount of charisma. The combination is a perfect one for an office wear as it gives an absolute professional look.
  • •  There are some timeless fashion colours to try like blue, green, red and white, that will never go out from style. Black colour gives a good slimming effect. Red brings out a sensuous look, whereas blue and green can be tried on a casual day for the girl next door look. Also, the same can be accessorized with funky belts, jewellery and a good watch.
  • •  An elegant pair of ball room shoes (pumps) has always been in the forefront of fashionable shoes for girls. They can always be teamed up with a white skirt or beige trousers to get that wonderful look.

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