Cute DIY ideas to take care of your free time

buttonjarOne fine morning, after I had finished eating my cereal, washing the bowl, putting the milk carton back in the fridge, drinking straight from the orange juice bottle and wiping the trickle with my night-shirt sleeve, I realised I still had a good couple of hours before anything remotely important was likely to demand my attention (read: lunch). Usually, aimlessly lounging on different pieces of furniture in search of the heavenly (comfortable) spot to read a book or magazine is what consumes the better part of my free hours.

On that day too, it was while trying the different yoga-like postures to find my comfortable reading position that I spotted it – the box full of paraphernalia from my uni days. Buttons in weird shapes and neon colours, spools of wool in myriad hues, some old fabric, vintage looking lace, glue…the kind of stuff you’d expect a person flirting with design and fashion to have. One look at the insides of the box and I was certain that from that day onwards, I was going to have some really busy mornings.

Have a pair of beat-up ballerinas? Take some glitter, some binder, a flat brush and unleash the hidden artist in you. Draw patterns (I adore hearts), go geometric or bathe your shoes in glitter, you just can’t go wrong. Don’t worry about making messy designs; you can always pass off your first creation as funky. As your hands get some practice and become steadier, you can opt for classy.

I go crazy when I see lace lying around. I can never have enough of it and I end up buying reams and reams of it in different colours. My favourite kind of lace, however, is the sheer, off-white kind that screams vintage. There is much that one can do with it. To start with, try stitching some on leather gloves or even your everyday socks for a dose of quirky, indie style.

You can also make a lace bow and slide a bobby pin through it. You can wear your cute new hair accessory with anything – dresses, skirts, denims, trousers, shorts and what not. Alternatively, take out the bobby pin and replace it with a safety pin and voila! You have a sweet brooch to spice up a regular, plain top. There is no dearth of ideas, look around to find your inspiration. Good luck!

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