Dealing With a Teenage Child

mother daughterTeenage is the age of extremes; either it is endless fun or endless confusion. But one thing remains constant for all teenagers, their life is always happening. And they keep it equally happening for their parents as well! Being the mother of a teenager is one of the toughest situations to handle. Children in this age are often rebellious, which makes it a very tricky situation for parents

Here are few tips for all those mothers who are facing these problems. Take a deep breath and don’t worry, you are not alone. Your mother might have done it for you and now you need to do it for your kids.

Be a parent before being a friend

Being a friendly parent is a good idea but it does not mean that you don’t have to exercise strictness when need be. Teenager psychology is such that they need rules and regulation, they might not like it as and when it happens but would thank you later in life. Be there as an elder to support your kids and give them right advice. They have friends anyways.

Be rational

Try putting yourself in your kids’ shoes and you’ll be able to relate to most of their problems. Don’t just go about scolding them for everything and anything, this might aggravate the problems.  Be rational, try and make your kid understand why you are saying what you are and why he/she is not supposed to do certain things.

Do what you say

Once you have decided the severity of a punishment, don’t retract on it when you see your kids sad. Go ahead; going back on your own words presents a wrong impression on your kids. Following which, they might just not take you seriously.

Allow your child to express

One of the most important part of being a mother is being a good listener. Give your kid the attention that he/she wants, let them talk. Let them express their fears, worries. You might not agree with the teenager but you can listen to them. Give them a piece of your mind but never shun them.


This is one factor, which works in every relationship. Build a bond of trust with your kids; you should be the first one they think of when they are in problem. Always let them know that you are there to listen and understand.

Dealing with a teenage child

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