Diets that work (and some that just crack you up)

AtkinsWeight loss is an issue that unites people like very few causes can.  Unperturbed by economic, racial or age-related differences, people across the world are plagued by the dreaded pounds and their tendency to pile on at the wrong places. Many fad diets have been born out of our fervent desire to shed the extra flab. While some have a history of proving useful, thanks to their inclination towards science when helping one lose weight, some of the diets out there are plain, simple bizarre!

Please exercise caution. If you thought pub-hopping could be dangerous, I assure you, diet-hopping can be equally so. If you believe everything some these diets preach, you could soon find yourself downing only cabbage soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Apart from being a revolting thought, it is also a one-way ticket to malnutrition.

A few popular diets and whether or not should you follow them blindly:


Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet or the Atkins Nutritional Approach is a long term eating plan that encourages followers to opt for lean protein and low-starch veggies. Simple carbohydrates like refined sugar and flour are to be avoided by the followers of this diet. Initially, this diet gathered quite a following as it allowed players to consume fats and still lose weight, as long as they were keeping their carbs intake in check. However, this strategy was panned and the diet changed gears, supporting lean meat and fresh fruits and veggies instead.

Verdict – Useful if short term weight loss is the goal. However some believe that the amount of carbs allowed by this diet is too low to be healthy.


French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet

This diet is born out of the belief that French women neither skip meals nor do they count calories and yet, they manage to stay in perfect shape. This diet allows women to eat whatever they please but in moderate quantities. It focuses on eating well-balanced meals that include lean meat, fruits and veggies, olive oil, bread and lots of water. Portion control is the diet’s mantra. Also, it suggests people employ all the five senses, chew more and savour what they are eating. The FWDGF diet allows anything fresh, including pastries and chocolates, as long as the sizes and portions are monitored. Only thing banned by this diet is processed food.

Verdict – Go for it! Keep the fluid intake high and keep visiting the gym for perfect results.


Shangri-La Diet

Can a discussion on diets be complete without a mention of the weird? Although there is no dearth of bizarre diets, one of the recent additions to the ever-growing list of oddball diets is the Shangri-La diet. How’s it weird? Well, the golden rule of this diet is to take 1-3 tablespoons of extra light olive oil and/or 1-2 tablespoons of sugar water twice daily between meals! Need I say more? Stopping your nose and ultimately yourself from smelling good, tempting food, eating unfamiliar food (like cinnamon on pizza) and eating bland food like pureed veggies without seasoning are some of the other rules of the Shangri-La diet

Verdict – Inexpensive, safe (what harm can olive oil, sugar water, pureed vegetables or cinnamon do to you) but ultimately, without any grounding in nutritional science whatsoever. Unlikely to produce results.

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