Do relationships deserve a second chance?

relationshipsJust like we are all unique in our own ways, so are our relationships. What we share with our parents cannot be compared to what our best friends or even our siblings share with their parents, friends or loved ones. The most unique as well as the most complicated amongst all relationships perhaps is the one we share with our spouses. An estrangement between a parent and child or between siblings is rare but a discouraging majority of relationships today are finding it increasingly difficult to emerge out of the rough weather they hit as one unit.

One of the deepest bonds that one is ever likely to experience; a marriage is also one of the most fragile ones. While some marriages last unimaginable hardships, some snap at the slightest pretext. Also, what works for one couple does not work for all. Though there are a number of reasons that contribute to a relationship coming unhinged, the biggest of them all is infidelity.

There is very little room for compromise and very little that the erring party can do salvage the situation. However, we have all witnessed at least one relationship that has risen like the proverbial phoenix and has managed to bounce back stronger. Whether you have wronged your partner or have been wronged, if giving your bond another shot is a mutual decision, these are few things that you should bear in mind.

  •  Be sure – This point cannot be stressed more. One has to be absolutely, completely, truly, totally sure that going back is exactly what they want. Even the slightest shred of doubt from one side will get the equilibrium skewed.
  • Be prepared – Once you are back, moments of negativity are bound to find their way into your mind. Was getting back wise? Has he/she really mended his/her ways? Thoughts like this will be rampant initially and one must be prepared for them. It is at moments like these that one should remember why they got back again in the first place.
  •  Be confident – When someone cheats, the first thing that takes a beating is his/her partner’s self esteem. Was I not good enough? Where did I go wrong? What could I have done to prevent him/her for cheating? Though a wrecked confidence is the most common consequence of infidelity, it is also the most devastating one. Remind yourself again and again that your partner’s disloyalty has nothing to do with who you are as a person. Rather, it reflects on his/her values.

Everybody deserves a second chance but nobody deserves multiple second chances. So, choose wisely and be ready for some hard times, whichever way you choose to move in.

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