Do you secretly fancy your best mate?

crushgirlOf course, not! How could I even ask a silly question like that, right? Well, if upfront dismissal was how you reacted to this question, there could be something brewing in your heart for that guy, whether you are aware or not, whether you’d like to admit it or not. It isn’t to say that if you acted coy/chose not to answer the question that you are not secretly in love with him. The few signs which are dead giveaways are:

Constant hangout buddies

Okay, before you get started about how a man and a woman can be friends without any romantic intentions, let me assure you that I am aware of that. So, your best friend is a guy (be it gay or straight) and the both of you share interests so you like to hang out with each other. Perfectly normal, I agree. However, if you agree to watch a gore fest that he has been waiting for despite being a self-confessed rom-com lover, if you go to a local cricket match when you’d rather be doing your nails at home, chances are, you have a crush on him!

The green-eyed monster rears its head

So, this friend of yours, does he have the knack of constantly falling for women who are ‘just not good enough’ for him? Do you think he has a bad taste in women, doesn’t realise his potential and deserves ‘much better?’ All the ladies he points out in a crowd or in a bar or anywhere else invariably have bad hair, terrible dressing sense and awful make up, don’t they? Ahem, is it just protectiveness or…?

Ignoring ME? How could he?

You sent him a good night text and he did not respond. You updated your Facebook status about how good it was to catch up with the whole gang last night and tagged him in the post but he neither ‘liked’ nor commented on it. Does that make you angry? Do you secretly make plans to take revenge? Do you call him and yell, “What’s wrong with you?” Dear, dear me, you are really beginning to fall for him!


There is absolutely no harming in falling for the guy you are best friends with. You know his strengths and you also know his drawbacks. If you are still willing to take it to another level, chances are you are pretty serious about him. But tread with caution. What if he doesn’t have the same feelings and gets to know about how you feel for him? Are you willing to take that risk and jeopardise your friendship?

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