Do you Wake up Grumpy: Learn how to make Mornings Better

Do you Wake up Grumpy Learn how to make Mornings BetterAre you a morning person or do you hate the sound of the alarm clock ringing next to you. Your mood gets completely off with the thought of getting out from the bed. Well, you are not the only one who feels as such. There are millions of people around the world to undergo the same emotions. However, if you wish to change it and turn on your moods from grumpy to a happy one, then just follow the below mentioned tips.

  • A Hearty Breakfast: Starting off the day with some really good food can offset your bad mood to good one. If coffee is the first thing that you look out for then stop. Replacing caffeine with an energizing breakfast is a wonderful option. The best food that you can include is oats – it is a low Glycemic index food and helps to release a low stream of energy. Being rich in Vitamin B, the food helps to increase your energy levels and at the same time keeps your mood happy as well. Another interesting option is a bowl of fruits. Fruits are packed with essential nutrients and also a natural source of energy. A different fruit everyday will add zeal and interest to your monotonous way of living.
  • Listen to Music: Starting off the day with some good music is a brilliant idea to uplift your mood and release the happy hormones. So, why not tune into your favourite music early in the morning. Make a list of the songs that make you feel good. Even studies have revealed that music not only improves the immune system but also the cardiovascular health. Helps to reduce stress levels and improves the mental well being. So from now on every morning, ensure to listen to your favourite tracks and you would realize how much you benefit from it.
  • Add Fun Tasks to your Mornings: Mornings do not have to be just about following a routine. Change your routine often and trying doing different things. You can do something really enjoyable that you like and may be do not do on a daily basis. Simple stuff like watering the plants, yoga, listening to soothing music, dancing or any kind of fun activity that sets a good mood for the rest of the day.
  • Exercise: I know early morning exercise sounds a little daunting. But, once if you try it you will get so addicted to it that not for a day, would you wish to miss it. Wake up 20 minutes earlier and just go for a jog, quick morning walk or some kind of stretching exercises. This will release endorphins and anandamide – the good chemicals into your brain and make you feel energized and charged up.
  • Do not Hurry: I know mornings can be really hectic with a lot of running around and numerous things lined up to accomplish. But, you need to figure out a way to finish up things. The best way is to make a list and do the tasks one after the other to avoid the chaos. Like you can keep clothes ready the night before. If you carry lunch to work then plan out in advance as what you will be cooking and even keep things ready for it the night before. Staying organized will help you to maintain your inner calm.
  • Think Happy Thoughts: The first few thoughts that come to the mind early in the morning, go a long way in determining the way your day shapes up. So, if you wake up with feelings of stress and worried about facing the day, then change your thought process. Anxiety will not make your day better, so change it. Think about the goals that you wish to accomplish and plan out how to go about it. Practice deep breathing! If you have never done ay of the mentioned above then try doing it and you will just fall in love with these early morning activities.

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