Does marriage make you pile on the pounds?

marriageThe weekend was a blast, although in ways that are not usual. Had it been a regular weekend, I would have spent it in a pub, downing drinks, coming home late, waking up with a pounding head next day, binging on a greasy breakfast/brunch etc. This time however, I vegetated and indulged in fantasies. I dreamed of weddings and the glow they bring to the faces of the married couples. As I was going through the pictures of all the married couples I know on Facebook, I couldn’t help but notice how everyone looks a little…well, slightly on the heavier side, post marriage.

Six months into marriage and couples start showing what I now call the signs of a blissful marriage: rounded cheeks, heavier arms and yes, full bellies and hips. Does marriage really have anything to do with weight gain? Check out the photographs of people who have been married for 6 months or more, there is a definite change in their weights. What is it about a marriage that makes one pile on? Here are a few reasons that surely add to the pounds:

No time to call your own

Relationships drain you, make you feel like you have such limited me-time in your hands, right? When it comes to marriage, multiply that feeling by 5. And by 10 once you have kids. Between work, household chores, other errands, kids etc, fitting in a night time beauty ritual of washing your face and applying night cream becomes difficult. Fitting in a quick jaunt to the gym or yoga class would probably require super human effort or a domestic help.

Vegetating on the couch

Lazing on the couch with each other is one of the first signs of a happy couple. While some watch TV in each other’s embrace, others wear rose-tinted glasses and look ahead into the future. Munchies like crisps usually accompany such moments. Maybe a fizzy cola or a beer too, on the side? Bottom of the matter is, happy couples lounge on their comfy sofas for quality ‘us-time.’ The result being soft, fleshy, rounded arms, cheeks, bellies etc.


As a kid, I used to be a fussy eater. My mum would sit me down on the dining table for hours, making sure I finished what was on my plate. She was patient with me, but only to a point. Two hours later, if there was still some mashed potato on my plate, she’d pick it up with one deft movement of her fingers and gulp it down, chasing me away with an “Off you go now.” Eating from your kid’s plate is one of the many things that parents do without much thought which ultimately add to the pounds.


No matter how rosy a picture I would like to paint about marriage, fact is, it is a high-intensity job. Successful marriages give a lot to us but they also take Godzilla-esque efforts from us.  Of course, we love our families but to keep them all together and to ensure that house management does not fall off the radar, couples have to put in their best. This is exhausting and invariably results in stress. The result? Us reaching for our comfort foods! Unfortunately, comforting food like pizzas, ice cream, chocolate mousse, cookies and milk, crisps etc are almost always fattening.


So, what’s the solution? Find the will to take out 15 minutes every day for a quick run. Hard but not impossible.

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