Ease your Stress with an Effective Bath Salt Therapy

I am so Clumsy!Are you stressed out, after a long tiring day of work! Well, here is a fantastic idea to relax you and revive your senses again.  And, that is by soaking yourself in a hot tub of bath salts. These days, there are bath salts available in a variety of fragrances. Plus, they also have healing benefits.

Bath salts are water soluble, organic or inorganic solid products that are added to a bath. They are used for the purpose of cleaning and improving the experience of bathing. The word salts is referred to them for their appearance being similar to the crystals of common salt. There is a lot of mineral content in bath salts that help to keep skin soft and supple in its purest form. Components like magnesium, potassium, bromide, sodium and calcium are easily absorbed by our body pores and further help to cleanse and purify your skin by improving its radiance and texture. Bath salts help to ease muscular tension and remove body fatigue. Further, it also helps your mind and body to relax and imparts a clean and refreshing feeling to your skin by removing toxins.

Determine your Skin Type

Before indulging in for a bath salt therapy, you must know your skin type so that you can buy bath salts that are suitable for your skin. For example, people having sensitive or oily skin must opt lavender bath salts that are sensitive to your skin.


Dry and Flaky Skin: People with dry or flaky skin must use a bath salt that will boost their skin with moisture. One that contains almond or orange will be a good choice to make.

Dull and Tired Skin: Bath salts with rosemary or peppermint is a good choice for dry skin. These products will provide a cooling sensation to your skin that will further increase the blood circulation of your body and freshen up its appearance.

Names of Common Bath Salts

  • ·         Lavender Bath Salts: This is good for relieving stress and tension. It’s well known for its deeply relaxing therapeutic properties.
  • ·         Tangerine Bath Salts: The sparkling scent of tangerine works as a therapeutic mood elevator and restoring the feeling of happiness.
  • ·         Dead Sea Bath Salts: The salt is known for its healing properties and adds glow to the skin.
  • ·         Green Tea Bath Salts: These salts will soften your skin, refresh your body and energize your spirits. They are also delicately scented to uplift your senses.
  • ·         Cinnamon Bath Salts: They contain anti-bacterial properties that help to flush out impurities from your pores and refresh your skin.


On a really tiring day, when you have got too tired standing all day long or have a stiff back after working continuously at your desk- bath salts is a good way to ease out your tension and stress.

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