Easy Steps to start up with Meditation

Easy Steps to start up with MeditationIn the busy life that we are indulged in with, all of us literally crave for rest and relaxation. And, it is absolutely essential to live a balanced lifestyle. All of us have to take out some time from our busy schedule to rejuvenate our bodies. Else, we literally become a slave to stress. Rest and relaxation is a part of our weekly routine. We should ensure to give sufficient time for ourselves to take rest and empty our mind from our worries and stress levels. Especially, for those busy with work regularly for complete five days a week, it is essential for them to take a break and relax their brains. That does not mean, for those who stay at home and manage the household do not need rest, even they need to balance out their stress levels.

There are numerous options to deal with stress level and each one has their own way of managing it. Like, some people love to catch up with sleeping on weekends. Some prefer to go for long drives and peaceful walks. Some people love to go on short holidays. All these options are a few ways to obtain a higher level of peace and foster your physical health well. However, the most important of all is practice meditation. Meditation helps one to train their brains so as not to be aware of their surroundings and not to react for everything that comes up. Practicing meditation helps the body to calm the mind, gain perspective and improve your outlook on life.

There are few fundamental elements of meditation that one should know:

  • Focus: One of the most important aspects of Meditation is anxiety control, so the first thing that you need to do is focus. Focusing helps the mind to free from all kinds distractions. You can practice focus by imagining a particular image, object, mantra or even breathing. Practicing this everyday will help you to emit all unnecessary thoughts from your brain.
  • Location: A proper location can be a quiet place where in there can be no distractions. Finding a place in the park or a garden is a fantastic option as it will allow you to practice focused meditation. Spending time looking at the trees and birds helps us to relax more. Taking deep breaths increases oxygen in our body and relaxes the muscles. Eventually when your meditation skills improve, you can practice it anywhere.
  • Position: In case of position, you need to maintain a straight back in the process of meditation. A slumped back might cause your mind to drift often. Maintain a straight back during the entire process of meditation. Next step is open your eyes and allow your gaze to fall softly. Do not close your eyes, else you will feel disconnected. Drop your gaze just to feel comfortable. And, the next step is to pay attention to your breathing. Breathe in and out normally and focus on your breathing. You can also count it if you wish to. Lastly, you need to banish all the thoughts from your mind. When a thought or an emotion enters your mind, learn to banish it from your mind.
  • Practice a prayer: Spoken prayers play an important role in creating focus on peace, gratitude, grace and thoughtfulness. While saying a prayer, one focuses on the words and puts aside all thoughts and concerns. This is a cornerstone of a meditative practice.

Once you get started with meditation, you will realize how muddled your thoughts are? As a beginner, do not push yourself too much and do things gradually.

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