Enjoying a beautiful sunset from a sinking ship

swanseaI am beginning to think I will change my newspaper reading habit and shift it from a morning ritual to one that I do post lunch hour. As we are served one gloomy news after the other, newspapers makes for a better after-lunch read (you are half napping anyway, the sad state of affairs won’t get to you) than an early morning one. Can’t really blame them; they report what they see but I am quite affected by emotions and the feeling of dejection is perhaps not the best one to start my morning with.

Which is the latest piece of news that has affected me negatively? The one about Britain’s ever slumping economy. While many countries had suffered a financial meltdown a couple of years back, most have managed to regain their standing and are as strong as ever today, if not more. However, things aren’t so for Britain. According to The Independent, “Britain slumped to its longest double-dip recession in more than 50 years today after shock figures revealed the economy shrank by a worse-than-expected 0.7% between April and June.

Gross domestic product (GDP) – a broad measure for the economy – fell for the third quarter in a row and by much more than the 0.2% expected by forecasters, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The dire performance, which represented the biggest quarterly fall since the depths of the financial crisis in the first quarter of 2009, was hindered by an extra bank holiday for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the wettest April to June period on record.”

Not exactly what I was hoping to read in the morning. And with summer this year hiding as never before, things are heavy and downcast everywhere. I am off to eat some berry cobbler and banana bread and look at some happy, bright pictures from the carefree Uni days. I am sharing one with you here.

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