Fancy having Gorgeous Locks: A Few Tips to shine your Tresses

Fancy having Gorgeous Locks A Few Tips to shine your TressesWho does not wish to have those lovely shiny locks that we get to see in the commercial advertisements? Even after spending so much on shampoos, conditioners and serums that promise silky tresses, I still feel there is much more required for the hair. On days when I walk out from a hair salon, I feel at last I have got it!  But, again all that beauty is just for a short while and in a few days it all vanishes. Fancying having those lovely long blonde locks, I just had to do a bit of research to find out ways that would add wonders to my hair. Here are a few good and simple hair secrets to get that gorgeous looking hair rather spending those ridiculous amounts on hair products.

  • Healthy Diet

The first and foremost is a healthy diet. Intake of healthy food is a must, if you wish to have that shiny, bouncy and beautiful hair. A well balanced diet is good not just for health but also for beautifying yourself (skin & hair). Slow growing and lifeless hair can be repaired with a good intake of proteins like fish, beans seeds, eggs, whole grains and low fat dairy products. Vitamins are also vital for hair and scalp. Food like citrus fruits, leafy vegetables, cod liver oil, berries, egg, soy products should be included in your daily routine.

-Include iodine, sulfur, silica and zinc in your diet as they constitute in giving healthy looking hair. A good source of these foods is available in onion, milk, oysters, asparagus, lean meats, iodized salt, sunflower seeds, barley grass, almonds, beans, flax seeds and much more.

-Cut down on caffeine, alcohol and junky snacks.

- Start off the mornings with some whole grains. Whole wheat bread and whole grain cereals is a good option.

-Snack up food like almonds and walnuts amidst your busy schedule.

  • Brush your Hair Daily

Instead of plastic and wood combs, opt for natural bristles especially for dry hair and a wide toothed rubber brush for damp hair. Combs with sharp ends should be avoided else it will hurt the scalp.

-Brush your hair before shampooing. Hair should be brushed gently to avoid any kind of breakages.

-Avoid brushing hair when it is wet but during unavoidable situations, you just have to be a bit gentle while brushing the damp hair.

  • Protect the Ends of your Hair

-The ends of our hair are more porous, hence more absorbable. Therefore, when you color your hair at home, ensure to mist the ends of the hair. On doing so, the chemicals will not get fully absorbed and hence your hair will not get damaged.

-Damaged hair should be trimmed from time to time so that it gives a overall neat appearance.

- Colored hair should be treated with color protective products. Coloring the hair, a lot of chemicals penetrate on the outer layer of your hair strand. Color protective products (shampoos) help to repair the damage done by the chemicals.

  • Deep Conditioning Treatments

-Conditioning of hair is one of the most important aspects of treating frizzy hair. Good hair conditioners penetrate into the hair strands to strengthen it.

-Deep conditioning can be intensified by using a blow dryer. The heat helps the cuticle to open up so that the ingredients penetrate into the strands.

  • Ion Hair Dryers

-Ionic hair dryers are one of the recent styling tools that seem to promise giving healthier hair. Ion dyers use negative ions that break up water molecules in comparison to the regular dryers. Hence, drying time is cut short and they also cut off the positive ions causing damage to the hair.

-Hair dryers can heat up soon, therefore the nozzle should be used to protect from the heat and avoid excessive drying of hair.

One thought on “Fancy having Gorgeous Locks: A Few Tips to shine your Tresses

  1. my hair is over coloured and dry and long so will, try a few of your tips, i also rinse in lemon juice to try and give my hair a shine, i find a weekly dose of olive oil also conditions it aswell x

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