Fashion forward in your forties

juliarobertsThere was a time when women dreaded their 30th birthdays and went in to depression mode as the inevitable event crept closer. It wasn’t just a cultural thing, women across the globe hated being anywhere close to that inauspicious number. As the 30th birthday inched in, birthdays suddenly transform and went from being joyous, celebratory occasions to being things that needed to be avoided. Even the hit television sitcom FRIENDS portrayed the central characters approaching that horrid landmark birthday by being depressed about it.

Not anymore. Now, women are boldly marching towards their thirties. Not only that, women have gone a step ahead and have embraced the big 4-0 with open arms too. Being a 30 or 40 something is no longer a thing to be ashamed of. Twenties are the time for experiments, it’s only in your 30s and 40s that you discover who you really are, what exactly you want and find your bearing. There is something very attractive about a self-assured woman and women in their 20s are yet to develop that air of assurance.

Before you think that looking good in thirties, forties and above is only the prerogative of women in showbiz like Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Aniston, Rachel Weisz etc (the list is endless) because they have an army of stylists and advisors at easy disposal, you are wrong. You too can look your most ravishing best through your 40s and above without burning a crater in your purse and blowing up all your retirement savings:

Body Beautiful – By now, you know your body better than you know your best friend or your husband. There are things you like about yourself and there are other things that you downright hate. If you have always had trouble reducing from the tummy, it is better to accept it and play up your strengths. If you have nice legs or arms, you should find all possible ways of flaunting it. So the rules are almost the same with only one exception – when you are playing up your best feature, you need not be on trend. In fact, your mantra should be to NOT follow trends. Being always on trend is a far cry from being classy. Make the best of your body in the classics.

Colour me Pretty – Remember how you loved pink when you were a teen? The twenties weren’t much different. You would go to stores and select colours that complimented your skin tone. But after you hit mid 30s, you started hesitating before picking up a red dress. And once you hit 40s, suddenly the only colours in your wardrobe were black, white, beige and grey. Whoever said you can’t wear brights anymore? They still compliment you and bring out your glow so go ahead. Let aesthetics guide you, not age.

When you hear the phrase ‘age appropriate’ remember it is meant to guide you and help you stay away from trash, not meant to keep you away from stuff that suits you.

Access your accessories – Never underestimate the power of good accessories. Be it shoes, jewellery, bags, belts, scarves etc, accessories are meant to be investment pieces. Choose wisely.

One thought on “Fashion forward in your forties

  1. i love this blog its so me lol, yes im in my 40′s now and yes i do some of the above but im changing recently to hey i wear what i want do what i want and party like im 21 lol xxxx

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