Flaunt your Curves with a Good Swimming Costume

Flaunt your Curves with a Good Swimming CostumeSpring is around the corner and it is time for a wardrobe change. It is time to put aside your leather jackets, mufflers, sweatshirts and all your woolen stuff. Well, now it is time that you can start considering your swimming wardrobe. And, for those planning out for a holiday, carrying a swimwear is a must. Even if you do not go for one, also having a good swim wear in your wardrobe is a must. So, it’s time to buy a swim suit and get ready for some poses in the beach or may be flaunt it like a fashion celebrity. But, before you buy a swim wear, ensure to consider a few things

Know your body type

Take a look at yourself in the mirror to know more about your body type. See the shape if your body to find out if you have curves or straight lines. For, curvaceous figures, the main concern are bust support and tummy control. Women with such figures need to buy a bikini bottom with a slightly higher cut leg. These bikinis come with higher waist lines and can also be worn with belts, in case if one wants to hide their tummy. For the top, you can choose to wear a banded halter or may be an underwire bikini top for support.

On the other hand, if you are looking for one piece swimming costume then you can always opt for the one with higher cut legs and hidden control panels if required. Look out for styles that have a round or a plunging neckline. Halter –necks should be avoided, if you are pear shaped. Also, square or rectangular necklines do not suit for curvy busts.

Challenge Areas: Full hips! Detailing around the hip area is not advisable. In case of full thighs, check the area where the swim suit finishes on the leg as automatically the area will grab attention. Also, look out for adjustable sides in the swim suit as that will allow you to lift or lower the sides for optimal replacement.

Wide Shoulders: You can go for coloured and printed bikini bottoms. To balance your figure you can try the wide shoulder straps and square necklines. You can complement the same with sport accents at the hips like ties belts, sashes.

Long Body: Women with long bodies have loads of opportunities to go wild with swimwear embellishments at the hips. The ones with such bodies are really very lucky as there are a good load of options available for them. They can go for prints with horizontal stripes, nappy fabrics like velvet and stretch terry. And, if you have slim hips then the boy shorts are a perfect one for you. Vertical stripes, high necklines and dark colours are not advisable for you.

No Waist: A bikini wear is a perfect for a body with a narrow waist. To give the appearance of a whittle middle, try out bottoms with a belted waistline. You can add a bit of further illusion at the hips with rings, bows and ruffles. You can also don with a strapless bandeau. String bikinis tops or even sport bikini tops is an excellent option too. However, you should stay away from solid coloured swim wear.

Hourglass: An hourglass figure is characterized by balanced shoulders and hips with a smaller waist. Women with such figures can flaunt any classic bathing suit. You can even try the tiny designer bikini that flatters your figure.

Well, that is a good load of options to try! So, what are you waiting for, go on and get the one that suits you the best. If you’ve got it, then you certainly got to flaunt itJ.

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