First date ideas beyond the local pub

romanticpicnicWe, the people of the UK, like to date in pubs. Of all the fun and interactive places that could be chosen, a study reveals that majority of us would rather go to our local watering holes for our first dates. Is this lack of imagination or is it just plain, simple laziness? “Oh, so it’s a date? Grand, let’s meet at the pub down the road.” There, done! No need to waste time thinking of a place. If you’re looking at it as just one date and do not intend to see the person ever again, it is a perfectly acceptable approach. However, if developing a bond, chemistry or even if just being friends is on your agenda, you need to put a little more thought into coming up with a place you want to take your date to.

First dates are always special, in one way or the other. When it clicks, we tend to reminisce about it fondly. When it doesn’t, we always find ways to get over it and later laugh at it. Be it a funny one or a romantic one, first dates are potential stories in themselves. And we all know the significance of the setting in a story, don’t we? Imagine telling your kids, “Your mum and I met at the local tavern” as opposed to telling them, “Your mum and I met at the park when springtime was at its glorious best. Daisies and daffodils were swinging with the gentle breeze and the water in the brook was just the right temperature…” Ok, that might be pushing things a bit too far but you get the drift!

When I say special, I do not mean a date that Hollywood’s soppy sagas seem to advocate. There is no need to spend your entire month’s salary taking that person out to a black-tie first date. (You can reserve it for the time when/if you pop THE question). But you can surely do better than your local pub where the music will invariably be a deterrent to a decent conversation and the food will be…well, let’s not even get there.

Struggling to come up with ideas? Here are some:

  • Go for a walk. Yes, why don’t you? Every city is beautiful in the evenings and if you are in a seaside town, the sea-viewing promenade, the sandy beach or even the pier can be your good friends.
  • That park idea might not be such a bad one after all! If the weather permits, take a homemade picnic. A little bit of old-school romance always helps.
  • Whoever said dates have to be only lunch/dinner or coffee? How about getting up early for cosy breakfast?
  • If you share hobbies, what could be better than indulging in that? Bookworms? Raid the local library/bookstore and swap favourites. Tennis enthusiasts? Challenge the other. Who knows, the score just might be love-all!
  • If all else fails, sure, go for a drink. But choose a place slightly classier than a frustrated footballers’ meet up joint.

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