Fish Spa: Treat yourself in an Awe-Inspiring way to get Healthy Radiant Skin

Fish Spa: Treat yourself in an Awe-Inspiring way to get Healthy Radiant SkinSkin is the largest organ in the body that needs a little bit of extra care and nourishment, especially due to the changing weather conditions, age factors and stressful conditions. At times, it is so depressing to feel one’s own hands when you see that the texture of the skin is so rough, dry and a little wrinkled. In fact, even putting your hand forward for a hand shake feels a bit awkward and embarrassing. In the past few decades, people have been doing research in a wide range of lotions, creams and doing treatments to get pretty hands. However, not every skin treatment proves to be successful, until this concept of fish spa manicure got recognition,

Although, the practice has been there centuries ago where with the help of the fish breed Garra Rufa, you can help your hands get better. The fish Garra Rufa is also known as the doctor fish that belongs to fresh waters and can survive at temperatures 15 degree – 43 degree C.

These fishes do not have teeth but have suckers with which they have a unique way of nibbling the unwanted and dead skin cells from the body. Doing this they will nibble the old dead layer of your skin to give a new healthy layer. The gentle nibbling action of the fish releases an enzyme consisting dethranol that benefits the skin growth.

A few benefits of fish spa include:

  • Exfoliation of dead skin in a chemical free way
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Releasing the enzyme dithranol that helps in skin growth
  • Tickling sensation will make you feel relaxed and stress free
  • Reduces blemishes and itchy skin

One need not worry about the hygiene standards at these spas for the water is changed on a regular basis and treated with UV rays of 2000W that will completely kill all kinds of microbes in water. Furthermore, the ozone treatment easily removes waste from the water. It is one of the healthiest ways to treat your body from any kind of ailments, although there is no scientific reason to prove this.

A lot many spas have inculcated this fish spa manicure and pedicure at affordable rates. No longer, one has to dab a lot many lotions and scrubs to get smooth hands. Welcome the fishes and allow them to do the job of removing dead skin cells.

The fish spa technique gained its practice in Turkey in a place called Kangal. The natural geysers consisted the red tropical Garra Rufa that nibbled away the unwanted skin of a person that suffered from skin ailment and gradually his ailment vanished. In China, the fish Tilapia is being used for this purpose.

Enjoy the radiant feel and glow in a natural way!

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