Food for your Mood

health foodImagine this – you are at work and you feel a throbbing pain in your temples. What do you do? Pop a pill pronto! Who wants to wait till it is a full blown headache? Imagine another scenario. You have had a nasty fight with your significant other and ended up hurling hurtful words, words that you didn’t even mean. In turn, you were thrown a few things that have now completely altered how you perceived reality. You are palpitating, breaking into cold sweat and just unable to fall asleep. You decide to stop the tossing and turning and pop your magic sleeping pill and end the agony. Tomorrow could be a better day.

Sounds all too familiar? For the majority of populace this generation, a quick fix has become the way of life, which is a shame. Pills were supposed to be reserved for real emergencies. Unfortunately, our fast-paced lives have left us with no time to ponder over issues and to get to their roots. Seems like it is time to bring about some change in our lifestyle and avert potential disasters. So, what would you want to do the next time you are stressed, depressed, anxious etc? Just Hog!

Have heard of people who eat when they are sad? That’s exactly what dieticians around the world are asking you to do too, albeit with a difference. Instead of reaching out to a tumbler of ice cream that would give a sugar-rush and snap you out of the bad mood, go for something that will have lasting effects.

Stress – Unfortunate times have befallen us. Today, a stress-free man is a rarity than being the other way round. While there isn’t much we can do about the pace of our lives, we can help ourselves manage the consequences better. A diet rich in anti-oxidants is the answer! No matter which fruit you are fond of, make sure to include it in your daily diet. Also, replace your cups of coffee or tea with green tea, called the elixir of life for good reason.

Depression – Feeling blue? Omega – 3 fatty acids are your champion as they alter the neurotransmitter pathways in your brains. Foods rich in these acids are fatty fish like salmon, sardines, mackerel as well as seeds and nuts like flaxseeds, walnuts etc. Also, studies show mild to moderate depression can be the result of a diet lacking in salt. A naturally occurring amino acid found in apples, almonds etc is also known to act as an anti-depressant.

Anxiety – Poor diet, no exercise and other external factors lead to anxiety that ultimately causes a lot of harm then we happen to realise. Stress not only give you frown lines, it affects the heart and other organs too. Dark chocolate lovers rejoice, it has been given the prestigious ‘good mood food’ tag. Rich in flavanoids, it has been known to uplift moods.

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