From Women to Women on International Women’s Day

gift hamperIdeally, we should be celebrated every day. There shouldn’t be just one day that is singled out from the yearly calendar to rejoice the magic that we bring to others just by being who we are – independent, nurturing, loving and tantalising ‘women’! The world recognises our allure and we are empowered, loved and appreciated every single day for the qualities we posses. But, despite the recognition and acceptance, should people still want to make things extra special by honouring us with a day meant to laud our woman-ness, I say, why not? March 8th has been made the International Women’s Day and I see it as a great day to bond. Don’t wait for the menfolk to make the day grand for us, wouldn’t it be just wonderful if we decided to do it for each other too? It is, after all, a day dedicated to us women!

Admit it, whether you are a man or a woman, the number of incredible women you happen to know is far more than the number of good men in your life. This is because we are wired to be this way and there is no getting away from our charms. What would a man’s life be if it wasn’t for the presence of his mother, wife, girlfriend, daughter or best friend? Likewise, it is difficult to imagine a day in the life of a lady without a tête-à-tête with their favourite girlfriend, mother, that understanding colleague, that sympathetic lady at the till etc. So, this International Women’s Day, how about women appreciate women and do something special, a gesture meant to show how we care? Nothing spells care like a well chosen gift. Here are a few ideas –

  • They say what you gift says a lot about the kind of person you are. If you are gifting the special lady friend or a relative, a Love For Japan moisturiser on the 8th, it speaks volumes about the humanitarian in you. And the fact that the product is absolutely luxe ensures the one getting it will be thrilled to bits too!
  • You know her personally so you know of a few of her favourite things. How nice it would be to receive a hamper of some of your favourites, that too when least expected! Imagine the smile it would bring to her face. Add a personal note, a nice wicker basket, satin ribbons in her favourite colours, some aromatic dried flowers…such thoughtful, personal touches are never lost on a woman.
  • Makeup! Yes, why not? We all love make up, no matter how much or how little of it we wear regularly. Also, if recent studies are to be believed, women who wear makeup are perceived to be more successful than those who don’t. All the more reasons to start wearing a little more gloss.

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